December Projects

25 12 2011

As is our usual tradition, we opened gifts on Christmas Eve night.  Which means, I can finally show the projects I’ve worked on this month.  It has been several years since I did many handmade gifts and this year I made up for it.  First up is the whole cloth quilt I made for our quilt group gift exchange.  The color isn’t quite right on the screen — it is a red, red.  The quilting designs were derived from some Hawaiian fabric.

We only exchange gifts with extended family if we are together.  My sister and her family came here this year.  So for her I made this Handbag.  The Pattern is “The Large Angled Pocket Handbag” from Dixons Designs. (The fabric for my purse came into the store this week 😀 )

My sister and brother-in-law have a foster daughter who is 11 months old today.  For her I made a baby doll from a “Dinky Baby” pattern.  I used Doll Skin fabric rather than the craft velour called for by the pattern.  I think the velour would have been easier to work with.  The pattern directions come on a CD so there are loads of pictures which means the instructions are pretty easy to follow!  The real baby’s first reaction to the doll was to rip off its hat and bite it on the top of the head.  We think maybe she considered that a kiss.  LOL.

I was cleaning out Jesse’s outgrown clothes a couple months ago and there was a large stack of T-shirts.  I was ready to donate them, and it suddenly struck me I had about enough to make a T-shirt quilt.  I stuck them in the closet and forgot about them.  I remembered them at the beginning of the month.  I bought the stabilizer for the shirts on December 4.  I didn’t have as many T-shirts as I needed to make the quilt the size I wanted, but I did have the backs.  So I digitized video game titles and images on 7 squares.  I was clearly reminded of the fact, I dislike auto digitizing.  However, I had to live with it as I didn’t have time to manually digitize and finish by Christmas.  I also didn’t stitch out samples.  All the embroidered blocks are the first try.  The boys got out of school on December 20 and I managed to finish the binding on the 21st early in the morning.  Thankfully they are fairly typical teens and slept in. There is Dr. Suess flannel on the back and wool batting.  It all paid off when Jesse pulled it out of the box and proclaimed he LOVED it!

For Guy I made a turtle police car pillow from one of the blocks in Amy Bradley’s “Traveling Turtles” pattern.  He had seen a picture of the pattern and asked me to buy it.  He said he would make a pillow from that block if I would help him.  I just saved him the trouble.  I think this pattern is a hoot, and after making this am considering a whole quilt.

I made pillow cases for both Nolan and Jesse.  The pattern can be found by searching either “Hot Dog Pillow case” or “Burrito Pillow Case”  I used this pattern.  Nolan got Converse like shoe fabric because he has a pair of bright yellow ones exactly like one shown in the print, and Jesse got cats, because he has been crazy about them for years.

Finally a new wall hanging for Guy’s office.  He has two already and this is to rotate out with one of them.  The Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs postcard blocks are from Olde America Antiques Vintage Quilt Blocks.  The pattern comes with the blocks but is also available free from their website.  I still need to hand stitch the hanging sleeve and will probably get to it today.

Whew, I should be tired just looking at this, but I’m ready to move on to the next project, or three.


The First Step is to Admit You have A Problem…

10 07 2009

I went to the Rocky Mountain Sewing Expo in Denver today.  I hadn’t bothered to go up for that show for several years because the last time I was there I was less than impressed.  However, I didn’t go to any of the bigger shows this year so I thought why not?  Based on the goodies that came home with me it must have been a fair show.  I still have issues with paying $9 or $10 just to be able to go in and shop.  Without any quilts to see that seems high to me.  Oh well,  it is recreation right?

Going to a show seems to make me feel I have permission to spend.  Why is that?  I can be quite controlled when I just go to a store, but put me in a show situation and I have a problem.  Ah, I’ve managed the first step–  admitted I have a problem.  But it is so much fun I probably won’t get past the first step.

So what came home with me?

I’m always looking for something different to do in the embroidery hoop and It’s 2 Kuhl had patterns for dolls and the faces can be embroidered in the hoop (or painted).  The clothing patterns also have freestanding lace designs for collars, pinafores, aprons, shoes and accessories.  The clothes will fit an 18″ doll, not just a doll one makes themselves.  The pictures shown here came from their website.

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs - Rosebud

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs - Rosebud


I only have boys, so apparently I haven’t outgrown dolls.

At the Crawford Designs booth they were offering a real deal.  Buy a pigment dyed sweatshirt and get any pattern free.  As many sweatshirts and patterns as you cared to purchase.  I already had some of their patterns, but had never gotten around to buying the sweatshirts, so two shirts came home with me today.  It looks like I will be working with wool some more.  I chose these two patterns as my freebies (again the pictures came from their website).

Crawford Designs Snowpals Back

Crawford Designs Snowpals Back

Crawford Designs Snowpals Front

Crawford Designs Snowpals Front


Crawford Designs Whimsical Seasons Scarves and Bags

Crawford Designs Whimsical Seasons Scarves and Bags

Can you tell I have a thing for snowmen?  The last pattern says it is scarves, but I’m thinking along the lines of narrow table runners.

I took my finished Friendship Garden quilt top to show at the Bird Brain Designs booth and of course found another pattern I would like to stitch up (picture from their website).


Bird Brain Designs -- I Love Apples

Quilter’s Rule had a booth.  It was much smaller than the one they have at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase, but still a lot of the products there were for the longarm.  I knew there was something people on MQResource had been raving about after MQS this year, but couldn’t remember what.  So asked Sonja (good name) what was new in the last year.  Ah yes, it was the Nested Mini Circle Templates.  I bought two sizes to try  – there are four sizes available.  If I like them I can always order the rest.

Quilter's Rule -- Mini Nested Circles

Quilter's Rule -- Mini Nested Circles

The last item was 1″ Mylar Hexagons to make a grandmother’s flower garden.  A couple people in our Quilter’s Anonymous group are working on them.  Ann is cutting templates from junk mail (interest postcards) on a die cut machine and Andrea had these Mylar Hexagons.  I like the idea of the Mylar, although recycling that junk mail is a great idea.  I found the size I was looking for today.  It looks like another great hand project for lugging around and using up scraps.

We stopped at two quilt shops on the way home, but apparently I had spent enough.  I didn’t buy anything at either store.  So that was my shopping “therapy” for the day.  I need to go do some customer quilts to pay for today!

Mark Another One Off the List

28 05 2009

Bell-PullI wondered when I listed all my unfinished objects over a year ago if having that list would motivate me to finish some of them.  It has been a huge motivator.  Looking at the list on the sidebar it doesn’t look like I’ve made much progress.  However, many of those projects are now to the point where they are just waiting for quilting.

I’m not sure why this project came to mind today.  It was put away in a trunk, but it popped into my head this morning and I pulled it out and finished it.  Perhaps it came to mind because it didn’t need to be quilted.  This bell pull is from a digitizing class I took not terribly long after I got my embroidery machine and software.  We digitized the design from a very small piece of Dover clip art.  We also split the design for hooping (This design was done in version 3 of the Bernina software before multihooping was part of the software package).  I think it was also the first time I used my mega hoop.  I couldn’t remember exactly when I did the embroidery so I went searching for the embroidery file on my computer.  Yeah for computers automatically adding the date created to files.  It was April 9, 2003.  So a little over six years later it is finished!  You think someone will coming to my beck and call if I pull on it? 🙂

Does the Proboscis Matter?

4 12 2008

I’m going to an ornament/gift exchange on Sunday.  I could have purchased something, but I always prefer handmade items so out came the embroidery machine again.


The designs for these fellows came from the Machine Embroidery Snowmen set by The Stitch Connection.  They are made from scraps of batting.  Is it possible a longarm quilter has batting scraps?  I couldn’t find exactly the buttons I wanted and settled on these for the noses.  They are a little large and my boys have told me they look more like penguins than snowmen.  So in this case the proboscis does matter, and I made snow penguins.  Both boys also asked why I gave them a crown of thorns.  They aren’t buying that they are holly and fir halos or wreaths.   I guess that is what comes from living with a house full of males!

Carving Out Creative Time

2 12 2008

Around grading and lesson plans, I carved out a little play time during the last couple of days.  This is the result.


The faces were embroidered on the embroidery machine.  The designs are from a “Quilted Ladies 2” pack, which I bought from Sprinkles Sewing Center in Pueblo during their moving sale in April.  The designs are by Bonnie Colonna.

Each of the crazy ladies I made is a little different.  There are only 3 face designs in the pack, but I left the glasses off some and also mirror imaged the designs.  The pattern pack included little quilts that looked like they were shirts to me.  I decided adding them made the whole thing too big for my purposes.  I added pin backs so they can be worn or put on a tote bag.

Guy looked at them and asked if I would wear one. I told him I would and his response was I’m turning into an old lady.  Humph!

Oh Bobbie … I’m finished

16 04 2008

My friend Bobbie made this quilt in a guild class a few years ago.  She wanted to add some thread painting, but was unsure how it would look.  She asked me about embroidering a design on it instead.  We looked through the designs I had, and decided to use this Hibiscus from the Bernina “Floral Beauties” collection.    I enlarged the design as much as I could while still having it fit the hoop. (By the way those designs are supposed to look sketchy, enlarging did not affect the density.)  Bobbie wanted the flower to be done all in greens with a touch of yellow.  This project has sat here for at least two or three months, but I finally stitched out a test on some of her scraps last month.  I was starting to feel a little guilty and so hooped the quilt and stitched it out.  This quilt appears to have been a quilt as you go project so it already had batting and a backing.  It has enough body that I was able to load it in the hoop and stitch the design without a stabilizer.

Bobbie is supposed to come over tomorrow to work on something else, so unless she reads this tonight it will be a surprise that it is finished.  As long as she can get here.  A “lovely” Spring storm started a little while ago.  The picture is out the back door and after maybe 45 minutes. Color class has been postponed for the night.  We are supposed to get up to 5 inches between now and sometime tomorrow morning.  Monument’s prediction is 8 inches, so I’m happy to not have to drive home from there in the dark tonight.


Tetrad … Check

13 04 2008

I posted  last week about the start of my Tetrad project.  I pulled out my nicely quilted piece this morning and started using inks to color it in.  I wasn’t getting the effect I was visualizing so I switched to paint.  In my opinion, I completely ruined it with the paint.  It was putrid!  I won’t even show you how it looked.  I was back to square one.  I was thinking about colored pencils at this point.  I traced the same picture onto fabric again.  I have customer quilts on both longarms so decided to do the quilting free motion on one of my domestic machines.  I still had embroidery thread sitting out from one of my last projects so decided to use that instead of the fine white thread.  I started putting details in with the embroidery thread and it just went from there.  I ended up with a thread painted project instead of using any type of pigment.  I held it up for my oldest son when he came home and he thought it was painted, so I guess I can call that a success.

Here is the final product — the colors in my tetrad are red, green, blue violet and yellow orange.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.