Five a Day

2 04 2014

These adorable Needle Keepers were made from the pattern Fruit Salad by Wooden Spool Designs.  The ones in this first picture were my samples for the Monthly Wool Projects group I lead.  The covers for the apple and watermelon were made from hand dyed wool and pretty much everything else is from National Nonwovens Wool Felt.


Cathy decided to take these along with the pattern to the Quilt and Stitch Expo of Pueblo this weekend.  She decided to only take the Wool Felt and I said I’d make new samples for the watermelon and apple.  Now because I work best under pressure (insert a touch of sarcasm), I waited until this morning to start on them (they are packing up for the show tomorrow morning — hey I still had more than 24 hours).


I ran into the store this morning on my way somewhere else and grabbed the buttons.  I got a little bigger this time and I think I’m going to need to change out the one on the watermelon, but that can wait for later.

These needle keepers have several layers for storing your pins and needles.


I told my group these are fast and easy (not everyone agreed).  I made the first five in just one evening.


The First Step is to Admit You have A Problem…

10 07 2009

I went to the Rocky Mountain Sewing Expo in Denver today.  I hadn’t bothered to go up for that show for several years because the last time I was there I was less than impressed.  However, I didn’t go to any of the bigger shows this year so I thought why not?  Based on the goodies that came home with me it must have been a fair show.  I still have issues with paying $9 or $10 just to be able to go in and shop.  Without any quilts to see that seems high to me.  Oh well,  it is recreation right?

Going to a show seems to make me feel I have permission to spend.  Why is that?  I can be quite controlled when I just go to a store, but put me in a show situation and I have a problem.  Ah, I’ve managed the first step–  admitted I have a problem.  But it is so much fun I probably won’t get past the first step.

So what came home with me?

I’m always looking for something different to do in the embroidery hoop and It’s 2 Kuhl had patterns for dolls and the faces can be embroidered in the hoop (or painted).  The clothing patterns also have freestanding lace designs for collars, pinafores, aprons, shoes and accessories.  The clothes will fit an 18″ doll, not just a doll one makes themselves.  The pictures shown here came from their website.

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs - Rosebud

It's 2 Kuhl Embroidery Designs - Rosebud


I only have boys, so apparently I haven’t outgrown dolls.

At the Crawford Designs booth they were offering a real deal.  Buy a pigment dyed sweatshirt and get any pattern free.  As many sweatshirts and patterns as you cared to purchase.  I already had some of their patterns, but had never gotten around to buying the sweatshirts, so two shirts came home with me today.  It looks like I will be working with wool some more.  I chose these two patterns as my freebies (again the pictures came from their website).

Crawford Designs Snowpals Back

Crawford Designs Snowpals Back

Crawford Designs Snowpals Front

Crawford Designs Snowpals Front


Crawford Designs Whimsical Seasons Scarves and Bags

Crawford Designs Whimsical Seasons Scarves and Bags

Can you tell I have a thing for snowmen?  The last pattern says it is scarves, but I’m thinking along the lines of narrow table runners.

I took my finished Friendship Garden quilt top to show at the Bird Brain Designs booth and of course found another pattern I would like to stitch up (picture from their website).


Bird Brain Designs -- I Love Apples

Quilter’s Rule had a booth.  It was much smaller than the one they have at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase, but still a lot of the products there were for the longarm.  I knew there was something people on MQResource had been raving about after MQS this year, but couldn’t remember what.  So asked Sonja (good name) what was new in the last year.  Ah yes, it was the Nested Mini Circle Templates.  I bought two sizes to try  – there are four sizes available.  If I like them I can always order the rest.

Quilter's Rule -- Mini Nested Circles

Quilter's Rule -- Mini Nested Circles

The last item was 1″ Mylar Hexagons to make a grandmother’s flower garden.  A couple people in our Quilter’s Anonymous group are working on them.  Ann is cutting templates from junk mail (interest postcards) on a die cut machine and Andrea had these Mylar Hexagons.  I like the idea of the Mylar, although recycling that junk mail is a great idea.  I found the size I was looking for today.  It looks like another great hand project for lugging around and using up scraps.

We stopped at two quilt shops on the way home, but apparently I had spent enough.  I didn’t buy anything at either store.  So that was my shopping “therapy” for the day.  I need to go do some customer quilts to pay for today!

There’s No Place Like Home

17 05 2008

Mom came out of her class at 12:30 yesterday talking about a couple of rulers Kimmy was recommending in class.  We went back up to Rob’s Rulers booth and I did end up buying something else.  The “Large Curved CrossHatch” which is a new ruler (we bought two of the last three in the booth) and “Carol Thelen’s Nested Leaves” which has been around for several years.  They demoed in the booth how to use the curved crosshatch ruler to stitch the spine for feathers.  I can see many uses for that ruler.

Because of that last stop at a booth we didn’t leave the convention center until 1:00 pm.  We got home just before 9:30 pm.  It was good to be back in my own bed.  I just don’t sleep well in hotels.  It was back into the groove this morning.  Off to church and leading Juniors’ (10-12 year olds) Sabbath school.  I was happy to have leftover spaghetti sauce frozen from the dinner theater a week ago so I had something for lunch without a lot of prep work.

Tonight while watching “Evan Almighty,” which was checked out from the library, I finished marking my quilt top from the class with Irena Bluhm just before midnight.

OK there are a bunch of run on sentences in this post, but I’m finished.

MQS my last Day

16 05 2008

I’m sitting in the courtyard of the Overland Park Convention Center waiting for my mom to finish her class so we can hit the road.  I wandered through the quilts again this morning taking pictures of those that I had gotten blurry shots of yesterday.  Once again, I couldn’t find anything else that I needed or wanted to buy from the vendors, so I really did complete my shopping during Wednesday’s shopping frenzy.

I’m posting a picture of Renae Haddin’s Best of Show.  I’m sure she will get a picture of it on her webpage soon.  I heard from one of her friends, she just finished it in time to overnight it to this show.  It is stunning workmanship and creativity as usual.

Speaking of workmanship, Ronda Beyer had at least three quilts entered in the show (all three of which received awards).  Her workmanship and attention to detail as always were spectacular.  I’m not going to post pictures of her quilts, you can see parts of them on her blog and in her webshots album.

There were some other very inspiring quilts, but I am running out of time and battery so this will have to suffice.


MQS My Day 2

15 05 2008

This morning I had a three hour class with Jamie Wallen called “Threadfusion: Artistic Delights for Every Quilter.”  He is another teacher I would happily recommend.  I didn’t think it was fair to post pictures of his quilts or his drawings, but below you will find a couple of pages from my sketch book drawn during this class.  There is some shadow through from the back side on one picture.



Jamie provide loads of technical information as well as design ideas.

I spent the afternoon viewing the quilts.  There were several that were stunning.  However, at the risk of offending someone, it is my opinion there were fewer jaw dropping entries this year than in previous years I have attended.  It wasn’t just my opinion, since I overheard some comments that the quilts were “more usable this year.”  I don’t have any room to grumble since I certainly didn’t get around to entering anything.  It could also be that I have become jaded after seeing so many great quilts through the years.

I was correct when I posted last night that I thought I had done all my spending.  I didn’t find anything else today that I needed or that I just couldn’t pass up. 

I had planned to attend the MQR get together tonight, but I got to my room and I was just worn out.  So I worked on a little fusible applique and crashed.

MQS – My Day 1

14 05 2008

Today was my first full day at MQS 2008.  I took a class from Irena Bluhm & Paula Platter from 8am – 3pm.  The title of the class was Machine Applique with Whole Cloth Design.  For the first couple of hours Paula taught us her method of drafting stars using the star generator she designed.  We did our star block using an applique method.  The generator can also be used for paper pieced blocks.  It worked out very well, but since I already own Renae’s Rays I think I’ll stick with it.  I think Renae’s Rays are more flexible, but you get what you pay for.  For the last three hours Irena talked about marking our quilting designs and showed us a lot of her original designs.  We used those to come up with our own wholecloth design.  She also demonstrated how she uses colored pencils to color her quilt.  I need to finish marking.  I would definitely recommend a class with these ladies.  After attending MQS five different years, I was finally the lucky winner of a door prize in this class.  I received a copy of Irena’s “Blooming Background Designs.”

I went straight from class to the MQS shopping frenzy.  I didn’t come to MQS last year and in all previous years it was just the “sneak peek” on Wednesday.  This year there weren’t any classes during this time so lots more people than in previous years.  There were also special offers by several vendors during that time period.  I was fortunate, many of the vendors from whom I planned to make purchases had specials tonight.  So, I think my shopping is pretty much done.  My credit card is smoking!  I have a class with Jamie Wallen tomorrow morning, then I have until Friday noon to take in all the quilts.

Road Trip

13 05 2008

I spent today on the road between home and Overland Park, KS.  We listened to a couple of books on CD on the way here.  The one we finished was “Cheaper by the Dozen” which has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.  The other that we have made it part way through was “Identical Strangers.”  It is about identical twin girls who were separated at birth and found each other in their 30s.  So far it is pretty interesting.

  My mom and I arrived at the Convention Center at about 5pm, plenty early enough to get our registration packets for MQS.  There are coupons this year for the shopping frenzy and I’ve already made my list.  The only problem the flyer is printed on two sides and some of the ads say they are coupons.  I want things from both sides!  I have a class at 8am tomorrow and since I was up at 5am this morning and we lost an hour driving here, I need to think about heading to bed.

I didn’t have time at home to do my next layout for the “Up and Running with Photoshop” class before I left , so I did it tonight.  I used pictures that I had loaded on PhotoPoint before they went bankrupt.  I hadn’t saved copies — stupid I know, but I’ve learned.  They aren’t as high a resolution as I would have liked, but the boys were cute!  I also had to just guess on the date.  I think I’m accurate on the year, close on the month and have no idea on the day!



 Don’t they look like trouble?