Pick of the Week — Thomas

25 07 2011

My pick this week is in honor of my sister’s foster son. He is 2-1-2 and crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine and friends. A line of Thomas fabric just went on the shelves today. Here are just two of the fabrics in the line.


Jesse was also wild about Thomas and hisfriends when he was little, so this brings back some good memories.


What Price Courtesy?

1 11 2010

I stopped at Hobby Lobby this morning to pick up one item.  A couple of customers ahead of me in line were two friends.  The first one got to the register and she had two packages of stickers.  She insisted they were both on sale.  The cashier (a girl who was probably about 18) said I’m sorry this one isn’t on sale.  The customer wouldn’t accept her word and so the cashier asked another older cashier who said, “only the 3D stickers are on sale today.”  The customer continued to argue that the signs didn’t specify, but chose to not buy the flat stickers.  She paid and her friend moved to the register. 

The friend also had two packages of stickers, one with a clearance price tag.  The cashier politely told her clearance priced items were not included in the sale.  This customer rudely insisted the signs did not state clearance items were excluded.  The manager happened to walk by and the cashier asked him.  He confirmed her statement.  The customer turned to the manager and said, “The sign didn’t say it, I looked!”  The manager responded it does say it.  By this time both packages of stickers are rung up and the customer says if they aren’t on sale I don’t want them, than changes her mind and is making comments about false advertising.  I finally can’t keep my mouth shut any longer and point out that the posted ad for the week does state all previously marked down items are not included in the sale.  She insists that if the sign doesn’t say it, they have to give the discount. 

In the mean time her friend walks back to check the signs.  As the second woman is starting to walk out the door her friend calls out,  “It does say it.”  Without a backward glance they continue out of the store.

I was bothered!  They didn’t even offer an apology.  In my opinion they had three strikes against them. 

  1. They were rude!
  2. They were wrong!
  3. AND they lied!

I saw the price of the sticker package in question, and they would have saved all of 71 cents.  I have to ask myself, isn’t courtesy worth more than 71 cents?  Don’t misunderstand, I’m all for getting a good deal.  I also endorse correcting mistakes at the register both in my favor and in favor of the store.  But there is a kind, courteous and humane way to go about it.  My heart ached for the cashier.  So as the busy shopping season bears down upon us, I hope I will pause to make retail workers’ days a little more pleasant.

And the Winner is …

22 08 2010

There were 49 comments on the give away this morning.  Using my trusty iPod random number generator I input the low number of 1 and the high of 49 and pressed the button . . .

The 32nd comment is the winner . . . so congratulations to Karen Azevedo.  I will get that in the mail to you this week.

One Thing Leads to Another

19 02 2010

I’m loving the hardwood floors, but my feet are cold.  I haven’t knit in several years, but the cold feet inspired me to get out the knitting needles and a pattern I inherited from my grandmother.  This book is copyrighted 1965 about one year younger than me.  Notice it is even a store sample book — I wonder how that happened, maybe on clearance?

I remember my grandma making these for my sister and me.  I whipped out a pair and my feet are finally warm.

The pattern had pom poms on the top, but I’m not really a frou frou kind of girl so I left them off.

 I thought about posting the pattern, but I’m not willing to take a chance with violating a copyright even a 45 year old one.  That said, I did find the pattern online — so apparently I’m willing to let someone else take the chance.  You can find it here.

Knitting provided time for me to remember, and it brought back memories of my Grandma Minne.  She taught me how to knit and crochet.  In addition, as far back as I can remember her sewing machine sat on the kitchen table during the week.  The only time I don’t remember it being there was on Sabbath.  I didn’t even know there was a case for it.  I don’t remember her teaching me to sew, but I do remember wearing lots of clothes she made.  She was 65 years old when she died and I was 17.  A month or two before she died she gave me her sewing machine and I also inherited all her sewing  and knitting supplies

This is the sewing machine.

It is close to my age and I’m guessing it was a top of the line machine at the time.  I don’t use it much anymore, but I have no intention of ever parting with it.  Not only does it bring back memories of my grandma, but I made my wedding dress, my sister’s wedding dress, the dresses for both wedding parties, my high school graduation dress and loads of clothes for college on it.  It has seen a lot of fabric.

So as I said one thing leads to another, especially when traveling down memory lane.

New Blog

23 11 2009

I’ve started a new blog.  It is going to be focused on the journey to a more healthy lifestyle.  At the moment I’m on a “treasure hunt” for really healthy foods that my family will eat.  It may expand to more than that.  Just about everything else will stay on this blog.  If you are interested you can visit here

 Edited:  Clicking on the word “here” should get you to the blog, but if you can’t find it that way the url is http://forhealthsake.wordpress.com


9 10 2009

This is the sight we awoke to this morning.


View from Front Door.


View from Back door.

You will notice the snow didn’t stick to the roads or sidewalks, but I can tell you the cement was very cold on bare feet.

This was not the first snow this year, that was actually on September 21.  However, this was the first snow that stuck.  Now before you start feeling sorry for me, you should know it snows more here in the Fall and Spring than during the Winter.  October and March can often be the snowiest months.  During the winter while many of the rest of you get plastered with snow we have clear blue sky and sunshine.

Farewell Summer

17 09 2009

It doesn’t feel like Summer ever fully made its appearance this year, but according to the calendar Fall begins next Tuesday.  Contrary to the calendar Fall has been creeping in for the last few weeks.  There is a definite chill in the air on my morning bike rides and geese have been flying over in formation for two or three weeks.  Even with those early signs yesterday I noticed things that really said, “Fall is HERE!.” 

Picture taken with Nolan's Nintendo DSI

Picture taken with Nolan's Nintendo DSi

Looking out the classroom window I noticed the leaves were starting to change on this tree.  This tree is always gorgeous when the leaves turn.   So many colors in one place.

It was rainy and overcast yesterday, but for a few minutes on the way home from school the clouds broke and there it was — SNOW on the Peak.  By the time I got to the camera the clouds had closed in again.  This morning I took the camera on my early morning bike ride and snapped a few pictures.  The Peak always looks better with snow.  It still needs more to look really good.



I thank God every morning on my bike ride that I get to live in such a beautiful place.  The mountains were the things I really missed the 9 years we lived on the East Coast.  For me, it isn’t a mountain if trees can survive all the way to the top.

Finally I couldn’t resist taking this picture.  The rain from yesterday was hanging from the tips of the pine needles.


I think it must be almost time to get out those sweaters.