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17 05 2008

Mom came out of her class at 12:30 yesterday talking about a couple of rulers Kimmy was recommending in class.  We went back up to Rob’s Rulers booth and I did end up buying something else.  The “Large Curved CrossHatch” which is a new ruler (we bought two of the last three in the booth) and “Carol Thelen’s Nested Leaves” which has been around for several years.  They demoed in the booth how to use the curved crosshatch ruler to stitch the spine for feathers.  I can see many uses for that ruler.

Because of that last stop at a booth we didn’t leave the convention center until 1:00 pm.  We got home just before 9:30 pm.  It was good to be back in my own bed.  I just don’t sleep well in hotels.  It was back into the groove this morning.  Off to church and leading Juniors’ (10-12 year olds) Sabbath school.  I was happy to have leftover spaghetti sauce frozen from the dinner theater a week ago so I had something for lunch without a lot of prep work.

Tonight while watching “Evan Almighty,” which was checked out from the library, I finished marking my quilt top from the class with Irena Bluhm just before midnight.

OK there are a bunch of run on sentences in this post, but I’m finished.




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19 05 2008

That is going to be incredible when it is done! I hope you continue to post your progress.

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