MQS my last Day

16 05 2008

I’m sitting in the courtyard of the Overland Park Convention Center waiting for my mom to finish her class so we can hit the road.  I wandered through the quilts again this morning taking pictures of those that I had gotten blurry shots of yesterday.  Once again, I couldn’t find anything else that I needed or wanted to buy from the vendors, so I really did complete my shopping during Wednesday’s shopping frenzy.

I’m posting a picture of Renae Haddin’s Best of Show.  I’m sure she will get a picture of it on her webpage soon.  I heard from one of her friends, she just finished it in time to overnight it to this show.  It is stunning workmanship and creativity as usual.

Speaking of workmanship, Ronda Beyer had at least three quilts entered in the show (all three of which received awards).  Her workmanship and attention to detail as always were spectacular.  I’m not going to post pictures of her quilts, you can see parts of them on her blog and in her webshots album.

There were some other very inspiring quilts, but I am running out of time and battery so this will have to suffice.





One response

21 05 2008

Thank for posting this wonderful photograph! I had to leave Thursday morning from MQS and didn’t get to see this quilt before they shooed us out from the shopping frenzy. Always inspiring!

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