I’m going to Puyallup

4 01 2008

My brochure for the Sewing & Stitchery Expo came today.  It was sitting on the kitchen counter when Guy came home and he asked if I was going?  I hadn’t really planned on it, but he thought I needed to go.  He was on the computer and had an airline ticket purchased less than a half hour after he got home.  He is all about me going to shows, but this was also to get me out to visit my sister.  I will fly into Portland and spend a long week-end with her. 

If you haven’t ever heard about this show, check out their web page.  It is billed as “The Nations Largest Sewing Show.”  It is put on by the Washington State University Pierce County Extension.  If I remember correctly last year was their 25th Anniversary.  The first time I attended was twelve years ago.  At that time we lived in California and I drove up to the show picking up my mother in Medford, my Mother-in-law in Grants Pass and my sister in Portland.  I also brought both of my boys.  The expo was the week before Jesse’s first birthday so Nolan would have been about 2 1/2.  Nolan sat in one of Nancy Zieman’s lectures and fell asleep watching her.  He recognized her because I usually watched her show about the time he was falling asleep in the afternoon. Maybe falling asleep when he saw her was a Pavlovian response. We all took class and just made sure at least one of us was free to watch the boys.  We had a stroller and toys.  I can’t believe how well the boys did for two days.  They would be much harder to take now and would fight it every step of the way.  That first year I attended the lectures were $2 each.  This year they have made it up to $4 each.  I think I went up three times while we lived in California and I believe this will be my third time since we have lived in Colorado.

There are many well known authors and sewing TV personalities at this show.  This year  they include Nancy Zieman, Martha Pullen, Kaye Wood, Jenny & Simon Haskins, Nancy Cornwell, Sue Hausman, Libby Lehman, Cindy Losekamp, Marci Baker, Sandra Betzina, Pam Clarke, Sharlene Jorgenson, Linda MacPhee, Linda McGehee, Marti Michell, Cheryl Phillips, Hope Yoder, M’Liss Rae Hawley and many others.  There are close to 200 vendors.  I did say it was billed as the largest “sewing” show, not “quilt show.”

 Now I need to decide which lectures I want to register for.  We will only go up for one day, but I can do enough damage to my wallet in that time.

Thanks Guy for giving me something to think about for a little while other than the mess going on at church.




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4 01 2008


5 01 2008

Yeah! Glad you get to go! This will be my first year that I’m not going. It has gotten even bigger in the last few years. Enjoy!

6 01 2008

It sounds like a fantastic opportunity and a wonderful trip!! Enjoy!!!!!!

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