Winter or Spring

12 03 2014

Sunday and Monday we had gorgeous Spring weather here.  Yesterday we were back to snow and windy cold, and today the sun is back.  Because I need to do some clean-up I’m removing all the winter decorations today (technically Spring is just a little over a week away).

As I was preparing this quilt for storage, I realized it was a UFO I’d finished just before Christmas and never marked off my list!  The pattern is Winter Wonderland from Crabapple Hill Studio.


Because I am no longer doing custom quilting for hire, it was actually fun to take my time and quilt this one for me!

Winter-Wonderland-DetailNow I can store the quilt with a clear conscience.  😀



Nursery Rhyme Blocks — Now Quilt Top

3 11 2012

Sometime ago, I showed my oldest UFO;  Nursery Rhyme blocks I had started embroidering with my Grandmother when I was around 12.  This summer I took them to our quilt groups mini retreat at Andrea’s house and they came back a quilt top.

I got the idea to set them with these blocks from an Electric Quilt Tutorial.  I made the mistake of not measuring all the embroidered blocks before I cut all the star pieces.  It turned out Bo Peep need to be cut larger than all the other blocks.  I had all those star blocks cut out and did want to waste the fabric or the time.  Which resulted in the spacers between each block.  Perhaps it was serendipity, I like how the stars sort of float.

It’s still a UFO, but I’m one step closer to finished.

Farmer’s Market Finished

30 10 2012

I get to cross one off the UFO list (although I probably need to update and add more to the list).  I finally bound Farmer’s Market.  I showed the finished top here in 2010.  I quilted it last year, and finished putting the binding on this week.  Nothing like dragging out a simple projects.

The pattern is “Strait of Georgia”  from More Fat Quarter Quilts by M’Liss Rae Hawley.  I quilted it with a Kim Darwin panto, called “Five a Day.”  I’ve had that panto for years and never gotten the opportunity to use it.  Sadly I think it is now out of print.

This turned out to be a nice little throw quilt.

Friendship Garden — Complete

13 10 2011

The end of August, all of September and the first part of October have vanished in a flash.  I know why.  Nolan has been playing soccer after school and Jesse has been managing the team.  They have had a lot of games, and every time there was a game or a Sunday practice they took my car.  (No they don’t get their own car yet.)  At the same time Guy was wrapping up the end of the government fiscal year in his contracts job.  (I remember the feeling well.)  All of this meant I was without normal transportation,  and Guy didn’t want to wait around to go to work.  Which meant he dropped me off as early as he possibly could  no matter what time I started work.  This severely limited my time at home and thus time to post here.  I did manage to do a fair amount of handwork during  this period.

Sometime amid this frantic paced life, I finished my Friendship Garden quilt.  The whole quilt from start to finished has been discussed here at some point.

I get to mark another off my list.

 — Only one more game until soccer season is finished, and my life can get back to whatever qualifies as normal.

Friendship Strip Quilt

27 06 2011

The binding from yesterday wasn’t on a sample sandwich, it was a real quilt.  I put this quilt on my A-1 over Christmas break and when my neck went it sat for months!  Eventually I had a customer quilt I needed to do and finished this one to free up the machine.  Almost five years ago our quilt group exchanged autumn colored 2.5 inch strips.  I added a few more of my own.  The directions for this quilt came from Debbie Caffrey’s  Open a Can of Worms and is the Cobblestones pattern.  I added 1″ sashing around the pieced strips and cornerstones to the border.  Debbie’s book Open a Can  of worms which uses 2-1/2 inch strips throughout was around long before I ever laid eyes on a Jelly Roll or a Bali Pop, but it has great patterns that will work with those products.  Open Another Can of Worms also uses 2-1/2 inch strips. 

For the quilting I did continuous curves in all the pieced squares and freehand feathers in the fabric strips between the pieced strips and in the borders.  I did use a feather stencil to get an even spine, but the feather plumes are freehand. 

I’m not terribly fond of browns and oranges, but once I added a lot of green, this quilt became more pleasing to me.

The completion of this quilt takes another one off my UFO list!

Let It Snow

8 12 2010

It would indeed be a good thing if it would snow outside!  We are well into December and not a decent snow fall yet.  I know there are parts of the country that would be happy to pass along some of their accumulation, but sadly it doesn’t work that way.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been a relief to not worry about the roads while the boys commute over 60 miles each way to school, but fire danger in December is just not right.  Since I have no control over the snow outside, it is time to move it inside!

After 10 years, I have finished my “Let It Snow” quilt!!!!

The pattern is a BOM pattern from The Stitch Connection called “Snowman Collector”.  I made the blocks as a block of the month program in 2000.  I put the top together sometime over the next two years.  After that the quilt languished in my UFO pile waiting for me to get a chance to quilt it.  I finally loaded the quilt on my machine in October and then had to unzip it to do customer quilts.  (I don’t usually take a quilt off once I have loaded it and I think I got some distortion (even though I had stabilized the whole thing), because I did take it off the machine.  The original pattern said “Snowman Collector,” but I changed that and added the mittens.

Here are some close-ups of a few of my favorite blocks.

I was in my NO handwork faze during the making of this quilt so everything, but stitching on a few of the buttons, was done on a sewing machine.  The gold border has the first two verses of the song “Let It Snow” quilted into it.  Looking at these pictures, it appears I may not be completely finished.  I might go back and add some more buttons as I get around to it.  However, it is done enough to cross off the UFO list!

French Cottage Garden Quilt

11 09 2010

I think I’m in a pastel phase!  I keep pulling out projects that are soft and sweet.  Today I finished my French Cottage Garden Quilt  the pattern is from Crabapple Hill Studio.  I bought the pattern while on the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop in 2007.  I started the embroidery in February of 2008.  I had figured out how I wanted to quilt it while working on it, but just hadn’t had the time.  I added one extra column of pin wheels because I had that many extra made and in this house “bigger is better.” 🙂

The “lattice” was marked from a double crosshatch stencil.  The feathers are freehand and the rest of the quilting is ruler work. 

This quilt got me excited about hand embroidery again and I’ve been at it ever since.  (Another UFO to mark off  yeah!)