Y-seams Here I come

2 01 2008

img_0001.jpgAll the units, but the four corners are pieced.  The layout here isn’t the final layout.  I was just putting the pieces down as they were finished to see how they fit together.  I plan to add four corners so the quilt is square and easier to hang.  At the moment it looks like it will finish somewhere around 85 inches square.  Now to dive into the Y-seams.  If I’m not good at them when I finish this, I never will be.




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2 01 2008

WOW, you have been busy!! Is this a MQS entry now– I think it is one of the B&B quilt patterns! (No pressure, of course!). BTW, if those really aren’t your colors and it needs somewhere to live, PICK ME! LOL!!

Gorgeous job! Can’t wait to see it all done (bet you feel the same!).


2 01 2008

That is just gorgeous!! I agree!! Enter that in MQS!!!! 😀

2 01 2008

Thanks Brenda,

If it turns out well enough, I am thinking of entering it in some shows. You are right lone star is in the B&B category, I just checked. It looks tropical to me so it could fit in the theme, too. I’ve never entered at MQS before because I don’t want to be responsible for customer quilts.

Those aren’t colors I dislike. They just happen to be colors I didn’t use in the first two projects. Sorry, I think I will keep this one. Although every quilt has it’s price — just not sure what the price would be.

2 01 2008

Oh, lovely! I can’t wait to see how this progresses!

4 01 2008

Beautiful! It does look tropical!!

4 01 2008

We’ve been ‘oooing’ and ‘aaaahing’ over this photo at work today. LOVELY!

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