First Attempt

14 11 2008

It appears I’m getting worse and worse about posting.  I have some quilt related projects that are almost ready to post, but not quite yet.  I’ve still been playing with the digital scrapbooking, but I had a major setback a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve spent hours organizing the various kits and papers I’ve downloaded.  I had a folder on my external hard drive for Digital Scrapbooking and was working in it.  All of a sudden the whole folder was gone.  I wasn’t concerned because you can just get deleted stuff back from the recycle bin, right?  Wrong!  In this case there was more data in the folder than there was space available on the computer hard drive so it bypassed the recycle bin.  Did I have a back up?  Of course not.  I went searching for undelete software on the web.  Most sights have a free version that one can use to scan their drive and if it sees your files you then pay for the full version to undelete.  It took hours to scan that 250GB drive, but sure enough I could see the files.  So I shelled out the $$ to buy the full version.  Several hours later there are files on my computer that have the same names as those I lost.  HOWEVER, the undelete software does not recover all the data from Photoshop files so the files were absolutely useless.  Of course the software company does not offer a money back guarantee. So I’m out months of work, all my original scrapbook pages that were print quality and the money for the undelete software. 

Lisa asked me if I even thought any swear words during this debacle.  Fortunately, they aren’t really part of my vocabulary so the answer was no.  There was a great deal of frustration and beating myself up for not having a backup.  So I’ve been spending my spare moments redownloading whatever I can.

During all this scrapbooking, I’ve been wanting to try making my own papers and element.  So today I took a stab at some paper.  I’m uploading a zip file of the paper in the download box on the right.  If it looks appealing feel free to use it any any way you choose.  Here is a preview:


I used a palette by Carle from Kuhler.  If you haven’t seen that web site before it is worth a look.  I can see using the palettes for quilts, clothes, home dec, etc.


Then & Now

18 10 2008

I’m still working on my digital scrapbooking classes when I can.  The one I’m posting today is making me feel old.  The two photos were taken six years apart, but it just doesn’t feel like that much time has passed.  What happened to that mischievous little squirt?  I can tell you, he is almost a teen!

This layout was from Jessica Sprague’s Digi In Deep class.  All the paper and elements were supplied as class material.  I thought of another reason I prefer digital scrapbooking.  If I’m using digital photos the properties of the photo file will tell the date the picture was created.  No more having to remember to write it down, or looking at the other pictures from the roll of film to try to get an accurate date.

Final Assignment

11 10 2008

I just finished my final weekly assignment for “Now We’re Rocking with Photoshop,” taught online by Jessica Sprague.  I’m only about two months behind, but the saying is “better late than never.”  As I was working, I was thinking about why I prefer digital scrapbooking to the traditional paper, scissors and stickers style.  I think the big reason is I can manipulate the pictures — enlarge, reduce, crop etc. — without destroying them.  I can use a portion of a picture in one layout and turn around and use it a different way in another.  Another big advantage is if the paper or elements aren’t the color I want I can change them with a couple mouse clicks.  It isn’t necessary to go buy more supplies.  One other reason might be that I’m a computer junkie!

So, this assignment was a two page layout.  High quality digital photos work best.  Unfortunately, the pictures I have of my boys when they were young and cute are printed.  So these pictures are a little grainy when enlarged, but this was mainly for practice.  All papers and elements were provided as class materials.

A Little Bit Creative

10 10 2008

I’ve been having blog withdrawals.  But I really haven’t had anything worth posting.  It is hard to believe only one more week, and we are through the first quarter at school.  I think I mentioned I’m teaching PE to grades K to 9 (in addition to Math & English to 3rd & 4th graders).  I’m finding that this 44 year old body has a very hard time keeping up with those 1/3 to 1/4 my age.  By the time I get home at night my shins are aching, and all I want to do is collapse.  It doesn’t help that I started reading the “Outlander” series about the time school started.  I finished the last book in print yesterday, so maybe I’ll get back to some creative endeavors.

I had posted my digital scrapbook layouts while taking Jessica Sprague’s classes.  I got sidetracked with those as well and haven’t finished the last two classes.  Thankfully she leaves the videos up permanently.  So this evening I sat down and did the layout for week three of “Now Your Rocking with Photoshop.”  I am really pleased with the subtle picture in the bottom left corner that looks like it is part of  the background paper.  I’m not too sure of some of the froo froo stamps around the frame, but those were the class materials provided so I used them!

Digi: In Deep

2 08 2008

I’m continuing my digital scrapbooking/photoshop education with Jessica Sprague’s Digi: In Deep class.  The first lesson was posted on Monday and I finally got around to doing it.  As you know from last week’s posts, I have pictures to play with.  Since the highlight of our trip seemed to be the beggin’ burros they made the layout today.  Everything but the pictures was provided as class materials.

Not Camping

23 06 2008

For the last three years about this time of year I’ve gone camping with my sister and other family at Ike Kinswa State Park in Washington.  I’m not going this year, but my sister is getting ready to go for a very long week-end on Wednesday.  I needed a subject for today’s layout so I pulled pictures from our trip in 2006.  The pictures were taken by several different people.

The paper and elements were all supplied as class materials in the Jessica Sprague class.

Still Playing

22 06 2008

I think it is about time to go to bed, but I’m still playing with Photoshop.  We had a challenge on Wednesday that I hadn’t done yet, so I goofed around with it.  Here are the results —

The parts for the layout were KPertiet_PaperRevealNo2_2, and trishjones_distresseddiva_distressededge both of which were part of the class materials. The brushes are from I created my own “Lego” paper using a pattern overlay I downloaded from