A Little Bit Creative

10 10 2008

I’ve been having blog withdrawals.  But I really haven’t had anything worth posting.  It is hard to believe only one more week, and we are through the first quarter at school.  I think I mentioned I’m teaching PE to grades K to 9 (in addition to Math & English to 3rd & 4th graders).  I’m finding that this 44 year old body has a very hard time keeping up with those 1/3 to 1/4 my age.  By the time I get home at night my shins are aching, and all I want to do is collapse.  It doesn’t help that I started reading the “Outlander” series about the time school started.  I finished the last book in print yesterday, so maybe I’ll get back to some creative endeavors.

I had posted my digital scrapbook layouts while taking Jessica Sprague’s classes.  I got sidetracked with those as well and haven’t finished the last two classes.  Thankfully she leaves the videos up permanently.  So this evening I sat down and did the layout for week three of “Now Your Rocking with Photoshop.”  I am really pleased with the subtle picture in the bottom left corner that looks like it is part of  the background paper.  I’m not too sure of some of the froo froo stamps around the frame, but those were the class materials provided so I used them!




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