Then & Now

18 10 2008

I’m still working on my digital scrapbooking classes when I can.  The one I’m posting today is making me feel old.  The two photos were taken six years apart, but it just doesn’t feel like that much time has passed.  What happened to that mischievous little squirt?  I can tell you, he is almost a teen!

This layout was from Jessica Sprague’s Digi In Deep class.  All the paper and elements were supplied as class material.  I thought of another reason I prefer digital scrapbooking.  If I’m using digital photos the properties of the photo file will tell the date the picture was created.  No more having to remember to write it down, or looking at the other pictures from the roll of film to try to get an accurate date.



One response

28 10 2008

I just finished her up and running class – fun isn’t it?

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