Expensive Week

21 06 2008

It has been an expensive week here in our household.  On Wednesday morning Jesse had the rest of his baby teeth pulled to speed things up at the orthodontist.  I wasn’t quite expecting the total bill for four baby teeth.

Wednesday was really the first day I was out for any length of time after my bicycle accident.  (Still have a knot in my leg and am limping.)  We didn’t take many side trips on the way home.  Later in the day our refrigerator finally burned itself out.  We knew it was going to go someday, but were hoping to limp it along for awhile.  So I made another trip out with Guy Wednesday night and picked out a new refrigerator, which will not arrive until Monday.  We are living out of a small freezer and and ice chest.  That was an even bigger bill.

Thursday saw us at the orthodontist getting Nolan fully fitted with braces.  Gasp, now we are paying orthodontist bills for two.  Do you hear the hyperventilating yet?  That would be Guy.

We had a challenge in the Photoshop class I’m taking.  We were supposed to take a picture today and digitally create a scrapbook page in less than 30 minutes.  I didn’t make it in 30 minutes, but it was less than an hour.  So here you can see part of that money at work.

The paper was a download we received in class from www.sweetshoppedesigns.com and the brushes are from 227 HQ Ornaments at www.brusheezy.com




One response

23 06 2008

great job on the layout! i love tucking words in pictures….

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