First Attempt

14 11 2008

It appears I’m getting worse and worse about posting.  I have some quilt related projects that are almost ready to post, but not quite yet.  I’ve still been playing with the digital scrapbooking, but I had a major setback a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve spent hours organizing the various kits and papers I’ve downloaded.  I had a folder on my external hard drive for Digital Scrapbooking and was working in it.  All of a sudden the whole folder was gone.  I wasn’t concerned because you can just get deleted stuff back from the recycle bin, right?  Wrong!  In this case there was more data in the folder than there was space available on the computer hard drive so it bypassed the recycle bin.  Did I have a back up?  Of course not.  I went searching for undelete software on the web.  Most sights have a free version that one can use to scan their drive and if it sees your files you then pay for the full version to undelete.  It took hours to scan that 250GB drive, but sure enough I could see the files.  So I shelled out the $$ to buy the full version.  Several hours later there are files on my computer that have the same names as those I lost.  HOWEVER, the undelete software does not recover all the data from Photoshop files so the files were absolutely useless.  Of course the software company does not offer a money back guarantee. So I’m out months of work, all my original scrapbook pages that were print quality and the money for the undelete software. 

Lisa asked me if I even thought any swear words during this debacle.  Fortunately, they aren’t really part of my vocabulary so the answer was no.  There was a great deal of frustration and beating myself up for not having a backup.  So I’ve been spending my spare moments redownloading whatever I can.

During all this scrapbooking, I’ve been wanting to try making my own papers and element.  So today I took a stab at some paper.  I’m uploading a zip file of the paper in the download box on the right.  If it looks appealing feel free to use it any any way you choose.  Here is a preview:


I used a palette by Carle from Kuhler.  If you haven’t seen that web site before it is worth a look.  I can see using the palettes for quilts, clothes, home dec, etc.




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15 11 2008
Brenda J

Sonya, I’m SO sorry that you lost your pages– you had created some wonderful ones. I’m glad you posted some on here– maybe in your spare time (I know, what spare time) you can look here and remake them. What a bummer……

15 11 2008

Oh man – you have my complete sympathies. I’m in the middle of transferring all of the data off my old computer to my new computer. The entire file with the photos of my granddaughter’s first week on earth keep showing up as “corrupted”! AAAGH!! I’m really hoping that I have a backup in our safety deposit box. The problem is that I did backup onto an external hard drive, but since the original files were corrupt, so are the backed up files. Thankfully I have lots of prints from the digitals, so worst case scenario I can scan those. It’s a little scary how dependent we get on computers, isn’t it. I have to tell you, though, that you have been one of my inspirations for exploring digital scrapbooking. With my new computer I really hope to make some progress – if only my photos come through!

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