Final Assignment

11 10 2008

I just finished my final weekly assignment for “Now We’re Rocking with Photoshop,” taught online by Jessica Sprague.  I’m only about two months behind, but the saying is “better late than never.”  As I was working, I was thinking about why I prefer digital scrapbooking to the traditional paper, scissors and stickers style.  I think the big reason is I can manipulate the pictures — enlarge, reduce, crop etc. — without destroying them.  I can use a portion of a picture in one layout and turn around and use it a different way in another.  Another big advantage is if the paper or elements aren’t the color I want I can change them with a couple mouse clicks.  It isn’t necessary to go buy more supplies.  One other reason might be that I’m a computer junkie!

So, this assignment was a two page layout.  High quality digital photos work best.  Unfortunately, the pictures I have of my boys when they were young and cute are printed.  So these pictures are a little grainy when enlarged, but this was mainly for practice.  All papers and elements were provided as class materials.




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