More Cookies

24 03 2008

It is Spring Break and already I’m trying to find something for the boys to do besides play video games.  Some of you will remember, Nolan got stop motion software for Christmas.  He was looking for a new subject for a movie and I suggested he bake cookies again and use that as his subject matter.  These cookies took longer to make than any have before in this household, but see if the results were worth it. 

Here is Nolan ‘s finished movie. (Turn on your speakers, there is sound this time.)


Happy Birthday

19 02 2008

sonya-bd-scrapbook-page-copy.jpgToday is my birthday.  In honor of this momentous event I created my first Digital Scrapbook Page.  Click the thumbnail to get the full effect.  The elements all came from the free Diva collection at  All I can say is what an ugly baby, and look they used cloth diapers in the hospital when I was born.  (My apologies to those of you that think newborns are adorable, I think they have to be your own before they look good.)

 I don’t have a problem with admitting my age, but I thought it would be more fun to list some of the things that happened during the year I was born.  The event that took place 10 days before my birth should be a dead give away for rock and roll fans.

The year of my birth  was a leap year starting on Wednesday

In Entertainment

Famous People also born this year (these are just the ones I recognized).

Let It Snow

17 02 2008


img_0111.jpgforecast.jpgGuy went on patrol this morning so I checked the weather for him last night.  There was a 10% chance of snow.  On the right is what is showing on Weather Underground now.  On the left is what it actually looks like out my front door at the moment.  I think it is coming down better then it has all winter with just a 10% chance of snow. 

Jesse’s immediate response was good it has too keep going.  He was thinking of a snow day from school.  What he forgot was tomorrow is a holiday anyway.

I don’t mind the weather.  My birthday present arrived a few days early (on Friday) and this morning is the first time I’ve had much time to sit down and play with it.  Photoshop CS3 has many more exciting features than Photoshop 6.  I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book from the library and am working my way through it. 

I didn’t get just Photoshop.  I ordered the Web Premium package so that means I have several new programs to learn.  Previously, I’ve done webpages using Frontpage.  Since Microsoft is no longer supporting that package, I decided to try Dreamweaver. 

Nolan is excited about the Flash portion of this package and has also already played with Illustrator and Photoshop.  Isn’t it nice when one’s birthday present can be fun for the whole family?

I think it is time to take a break from the computer — maybe eat some breakfast and work on some quilts.

Oh, the sun is starting to come out, so I suspect the snow will stop shortly.

Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0

8 02 2008

I went shopping online at the beginning of the week.  My order arrived this afternoon and among all the nifty things I got was Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0 .  I loaded it on my computer this evening and started playing.  It is super easy to use.  You can print out the whole kaleidoscope or you can print in wedges for use in a quilt.  The slide show below shows the very first kaleidoscopes I’ve created in the software. The pictures used are all ones I’ve taken.  The titles on each slide tell what the original picture was and most tell what template from the software was used.

It is loads of fun and a fairly inexpensive software package. 

(If you get to this blog entry and the slideshow is no longer running, Click on the Title of the post and it will open in its own page.  The slide show will start running at that point.)

Blame it on Suzanne

4 02 2008

Do you remember when you were a child and it was never your fault?  Well I’m blaming the last few days’ time use on Suzanne.  I’ve never actually met the poor woman, but it is her fault.  She has been posting some fantastic digital scrapbook pages on her blog over the last couple of months.  In addition she has been raving about how much she loves Photoshop.  We have a fairly old version of Photoshop on one of our computers and I have used it to do some very minor editing to my digital photos over the years.  Suzanne finally inspired me to dig a little deeper. 

mask-copy.jpgNo I haven’t signed up for any digital scrapbooking classes (…yet), but I did search for books on Photoshop at our local library.  They had several including books old enough that they were written for the software version I have.  Since Friday, I’ve been working my way through “Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop in 24 hours.”  I’m currently working on hour 12.  This software has so many cool features!  I don’t have any fantastic results yet, but I have been having loads of fun playing.  This is the picture I just used a”mask” and “filters” to change the background.

If you’ve read some of my older posts, you may remember this picture as one I took in our front yard before Christmas. 

118-1880_img.jpgI’ve cleaned most of the pictures off the computer I’m using because the hard drive was getting full.  So I’m using whatever pictures I can find and access easily.  Here’s another picture that used the mask.  It is Jesse and Pogo several years ago.  Pogo now lives with my parents in Oregon mainly because she fell madly in love with my dad and he with her.  This picture probably isn’t the best example since Pogo is a blue (looks more gray to me).  But hey, it’s my blog and I’m having fun.

Now if this old version is that cool, imagine how much better the new version is.  Oh my, I have a birthday this month.  I think I know what my gift will be.  (Actually Guy already gave me the go ahead, I don’t need surprises.)

Back to my book and the software.