MQS My Day 2

15 05 2008

This morning I had a three hour class with Jamie Wallen called “Threadfusion: Artistic Delights for Every Quilter.”  He is another teacher I would happily recommend.  I didn’t think it was fair to post pictures of his quilts or his drawings, but below you will find a couple of pages from my sketch book drawn during this class.  There is some shadow through from the back side on one picture.



Jamie provide loads of technical information as well as design ideas.

I spent the afternoon viewing the quilts.  There were several that were stunning.  However, at the risk of offending someone, it is my opinion there were fewer jaw dropping entries this year than in previous years I have attended.  It wasn’t just my opinion, since I overheard some comments that the quilts were “more usable this year.”  I don’t have any room to grumble since I certainly didn’t get around to entering anything.  It could also be that I have become jaded after seeing so many great quilts through the years.

I was correct when I posted last night that I thought I had done all my spending.  I didn’t find anything else today that I needed or that I just couldn’t pass up. 

I had planned to attend the MQR get together tonight, but I got to my room and I was just worn out.  So I worked on a little fusible applique and crashed.




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