Valentine Cards

14 02 2008

Did you receive a Valentine card today?  I’m afraid if the card industry had to depend on me, they would go broke.  I am aware of the history of Saint Valentine, but when did we start exchanging cards?  I did a search on the Internet and pulled up my history lesson for the day.

Esther Howland is responsible for the first commercialization of Valentines in the United States.  After her graduation from Mount Holyoke College in 1847 she received her first English Valentine from a business acquaintance of her father.  She was fascinated with it and came up with the idea of making her own valentines.  She imported paper lace and floral decorations from England.  She started taking orders for valentines and soon found demand was greater than she could supply.  She brought her friends into the endeavor and eventually even that wasn’t enough help.  This assembly line production that began in her home led to a business that was grossing $100,000 a year.  Not bad for that era.  She retired in 1881 and sold the business.

penguin.jpgimg_0103.jpgI actually did buy a package of valentines this year.  You know the kind the kids exchange at school (my boys refuse to exchange them — too sappy I guess).  They caught my eye because they were bobbleheads.  I gave them to my Quilters Anonymous friends at our meeting last week.

For those of you that celebrate Valentines, I’ve decide to upload two designs I digitized last year as samples for Software Club.  They are both in the hoop applique designs. For some formats the designs were too large so I didn’t upload those formats.

Below are stitchouts of the designs.


The snowman’s scarf has fringe.   So after embroidering this design you need to trim the bobbin thread behind the fringe.


I notice I was very lazy on this sample.  I didn’t stabilize.  He will be flatter if you will stabilize.

Once again I make no promises on formats other than ART.  The zipped file containing both designs is on the sidebar.




One response

20 02 2008
Kirsten Nørgaard

I just found you on youtube today, i have seen your wideos for the designer program, i have to my bernina artista mashine.
I found i not easy to use yet, but i am trying to lean and it vas a great help in your wideo. så thanks. I hope jou also make one for lace sometimes now i am gonna working whit my program.

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