Little Miss Muffet

24 02 2008

I am sick again!  This is the fifth time this school year.  I’m beginning to think I don’t have an immune system.  I’m coughing hard enough I can’t work on customer quilts.  However, I did manage to work on a couple of other projects.

My iron on transfers to finish the Nursery Rhyme quilt finally came last Wednesday.  Little Miss Muffet has been transferred and I started embroidering the first one on Thursday night.  Friday I had to sub for grades 7-10.  Since I’m not the teacher, I didn’t have to grade papers or input grades.  So I took along Little Miss Muffet and worked on her once I had explained assignments and everybody was working.  I finished her up this afternoon.



In addition to finishing Miss Muffet, I digitized a label for my sister.  She sent a piece of fabric she used in the quilt and I digitized the sea horse from it.  Here is the test stitch out. It isn’t too bad, just needed the outline stitch adjusted slightly.  I made some slight adjustments and went ahead with the label.


The outlines still aren’t exactly on, but I will fix that with a pigma pen.  I’d share the design, but I’m afraid I would be crossing the line into copyright infringement since he came from a piece of Hoffman fabric.  Plus that, I’d be obsessed with perfecting it.  Since I was only planning to stitch it out this time, I didn’t worry about controlling the jump stitches.  I can live with the outlines not being exactly right.




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