Tetrad … Check

13 04 2008

I posted  last week about the start of my Tetrad project.  I pulled out my nicely quilted piece this morning and started using inks to color it in.  I wasn’t getting the effect I was visualizing so I switched to paint.  In my opinion, I completely ruined it with the paint.  It was putrid!  I won’t even show you how it looked.  I was back to square one.  I was thinking about colored pencils at this point.  I traced the same picture onto fabric again.  I have customer quilts on both longarms so decided to do the quilting free motion on one of my domestic machines.  I still had embroidery thread sitting out from one of my last projects so decided to use that instead of the fine white thread.  I started putting details in with the embroidery thread and it just went from there.  I ended up with a thread painted project instead of using any type of pigment.  I held it up for my oldest son when he came home and he thought it was painted, so I guess I can call that a success.

Here is the final product — the colors in my tetrad are red, green, blue violet and yellow orange.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.




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