Mark Another One Off the List

28 05 2009

Bell-PullI wondered when I listed all my unfinished objects over a year ago if having that list would motivate me to finish some of them.  It has been a huge motivator.  Looking at the list on the sidebar it doesn’t look like I’ve made much progress.  However, many of those projects are now to the point where they are just waiting for quilting.

I’m not sure why this project came to mind today.  It was put away in a trunk, but it popped into my head this morning and I pulled it out and finished it.  Perhaps it came to mind because it didn’t need to be quilted.  This bell pull is from a digitizing class I took not terribly long after I got my embroidery machine and software.  We digitized the design from a very small piece of Dover clip art.  We also split the design for hooping (This design was done in version 3 of the Bernina software before multihooping was part of the software package).  I think it was also the first time I used my mega hoop.  I couldn’t remember exactly when I did the embroidery so I went searching for the embroidery file on my computer.  Yeah for computers automatically adding the date created to files.  It was April 9, 2003.  So a little over six years later it is finished!  You think someone will coming to my beck and call if I pull on it? 🙂




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30 05 2009

WOW, this is amazing! Wanna come teach me how to use my Embroidery machine…. Love it

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