Oh Bobbie … I’m finished

16 04 2008

My friend Bobbie made this quilt in a guild class a few years ago.  She wanted to add some thread painting, but was unsure how it would look.  She asked me about embroidering a design on it instead.  We looked through the designs I had, and decided to use this Hibiscus from the Bernina “Floral Beauties” collection.    I enlarged the design as much as I could while still having it fit the hoop. (By the way those designs are supposed to look sketchy, enlarging did not affect the density.)  Bobbie wanted the flower to be done all in greens with a touch of yellow.  This project has sat here for at least two or three months, but I finally stitched out a test on some of her scraps last month.  I was starting to feel a little guilty and so hooped the quilt and stitched it out.  This quilt appears to have been a quilt as you go project so it already had batting and a backing.  It has enough body that I was able to load it in the hoop and stitch the design without a stabilizer.

Bobbie is supposed to come over tomorrow to work on something else, so unless she reads this tonight it will be a surprise that it is finished.  As long as she can get here.  A “lovely” Spring storm started a little while ago.  The picture is out the back door and after maybe 45 minutes. Color class has been postponed for the night.  We are supposed to get up to 5 inches between now and sometime tomorrow morning.  Monument’s prediction is 8 inches, so I’m happy to not have to drive home from there in the dark tonight.





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17 04 2008


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