2 04 2008

Color class is looming less than two weeks away and I hadn’t started anything.  I’ve had the idea in my head for the last couple of weeks.  There was a project posted on StegArt’s Blog in February that really appealed to me.  Her projects are so whimsical, they make me smile every time I see one.  I didn’t want to copy her project, but the concept is the same.  Tonight I sat down with a plain piece of copy paper and sketched out my pattern. 


Our color scheme this month is Tetrad.  For class purposes that is four colors equal distance on the color wheel, basically two sets of direct compliments.  After drawing the pattern, I transferred it to PFD fabric using colored pencils that were close to the colors I was thinking of using on the finished project. I should have stopped here and gone to bed, but once I get going it is hard to stop.

Instead of going to bed, I loaded this little quilt on my A-1 right next to a customer quilt and did the quilting.  I may have made a mistake in using So-Fine thread since it is polyester.  We’ll see.


I kind of like just the touch of color from the pencils, but I am going to paint it with Tsukineko inks. I may also use come colored pencil.  So now I have almost two weeks to do that.  It should be doable.




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