Squeeze in a Little More

30 06 2013

I’d been wanting to make the Sweet Pea quilt from Anka’s Treasures pattern and we’d had much of the fabric she used sitting around in the store for almost 2 years.  The quilt is really fast (it would have been faster if I didn’t keep putting the rows together wrong — it helps to read the directions rather than just glance at them and go off on a tangent).  We cut up all the fabric that was left and put it in kits.  The fabric that didn’t move would have gone several times over once the sample was up.

Sweet-PeaIt just goes to once again show the power of a sample.  This quilt was also finished up during the same time I was working on chickadees and hummingbirds.



Posts don’t just publish themselves

4 01 2013

Happy New Year all!  There were several posts rolling around in my brain during December and for some reason I thought they had been uploaded.  Sadly WordPress can’t just pull the post out of my brain and put them up here for you to read.  One of the big ones I had planned was the completion of the Northern Wilderness Quilt top.  I was sure I had posted the final PowerPoint presentations until I was talking about the top to a couple of customers today.  I told them there were some corrections to the border and that I had put them on my blog.  Oops — they weren’t there.  They are now.

IMG_4495Just the top will hang at Ruth’s Stitchery for a while.  I haven’t decided exactly how I want to quilt it yet.  You can find all my PowerPoint presentations on the construction of this quilt under the Northern Wilderness tab at the top of the Sonya’s Snippets page.

Waldo Canyon Fire — Colorado Springs

26 06 2012

I don’t usually post about local happenings, but I have some friends and family that follow my blog, but aren’t on Facebook.

Saturday in the early afternoon, we became aware of the Waldo Canyon fire.  This picture was taken from Jesse’s bedroom window that day.

Guy went out and helped with evacuations Saturday night.  By midmorning on Sunday this was the view from Jesse’s window.

Sunday night found Guy out helping to maintain the evacuation lines.  Monday was miserably smokey, but I didn’t get any pictures then.  Today the fire went crazy.

When Guy came home around 4:30 pm, this was the view from in front of our house.

By the time he left to come get me at work, evacuations were in progress from neighborhoods 2-3 miles away and the roads were jammed.  By the time I got home, this was the view out Jesse’s window.

And from the back of the house it looked like this

In a short period of time we could see flames from our upstairs windows, so climbed on the roof to get these photos.

This next picture is a little further north headed toward the Air Force Academy.

and towards the west in the direction of Garden of the Gods.

Decided to get off the roof since it was starting to get dark and the wind was blowing.  About half an hour later we crossed the street and climbed a small hill.  The view was surreal.  We were watching house after house go up in flames.  This is the first day any sturctures have been lost and the fire is now literally on the western edge of the City of Colorado Springs.

Gotta go, we just got a mandatory evacuation notice.

Day Off?

25 04 2012

I had today off. This is part of one of today’s projects.

Vintage Friday — Sunbonnet Sue

12 08 2011

Among items that came from Guy’s ancestors is a box of Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  I’m not sure who made them, his grandmother or someone further back.

Upon close examination of the blocks, I noticed that all the applique was done with white thread.  So much more frugal than today when I try to match the thread to the piece being appliqued.  And even with the white thread on the darker fabrics the stitches aren’t readily apparent.

In addition to the finished blocks there are at least 13 more cut out and ready to go.

Some are even basted in preparation for applique.

Which means, I know how to proceed when I someday decide to make this project mine and finish it.

Just for Fun Decorating

18 03 2010

I follow several decorating blogs and many of those writers are decorating for Spring.  It is Spring break here and the first day of Spring is in two days, so I took some time to play.  Little nests are popping up all over blogland and I stopped in at Hobby Lobby looking for small eggs.  I was looking especially for eggs that were about the size of Robin’s eggs.  The only ones I could find were glittery plastic Easter eggs.  I didn’t want to decorate for Easter, but for Spring. 

I bought the little plastic eggs, brought them home, primed them, mixed acrylic paint and achieved a more realistic color.  My nests are made from small grapevine wreaths and Spanish Moss.   Here are a couple pictures.

At the end of February I picked up a Pottery Barn catalog while I was in Denver.  On the cover was the cutest watering can with a decopaged egg sitting on top.  I looked at that egg and thought that would be fun to make.  So on the same trip to Hobby Lobby I picked up some paper mache eggs that were chicken egg size, and some Modge Podge.  I also looked for napkins, wrapping paper or stickers that had pictures I liked.  I didn’t have any luck on that front.  I’ve never done decopage before, but at some point I’ve read how to do it.  The eggs may not have been the best first project.  Since I hadn’t found pictures I liked, I went searching for images on the internet.  I just pasted and resized several pictures in a Word document and then printed it out in color.  I was having trouble getting the pictures to lay reasonably flat on the egg.  When I went back and looked at the description of the egg in the Pottery Barn catalog it was more like Ostrich egg size.  I’m fine with what I ended up with, they serve no useful purpose, but they are kinda cute.

I played with some other things and if or when I finish them, I’ll toss a picture your way.

Time Off = Getting Things Done

21 12 2009

It’s Monday, and technically the first actual day of school vacation.  Which means I finally went down to the basement and finished quilting the quilt that has been on the machine since at least early October.  I know, pitiful!  The quilt is Blizzard Bunch from Pearl Louise Designs.  It was made by Mimi and has been at my house for longer than I care to remember.  Mimi is never in a hurry, she always says she’d rather store the quilts at my house than her’s.  I think this was an appropriate quilt to finish this week considering the weather in much of the country.

Here’s a little more detail for part of the quilt.  I was having a really hard time getting good pictures on this one.