Nursery Rhyme Blocks — Now Quilt Top

3 11 2012

Sometime ago, I showed my oldest UFO;  Nursery Rhyme blocks I had started embroidering with my Grandmother when I was around 12.  This summer I took them to our quilt groups mini retreat at Andrea’s house and they came back a quilt top.

I got the idea to set them with these blocks from an Electric Quilt Tutorial.  I made the mistake of not measuring all the embroidered blocks before I cut all the star pieces.  It turned out Bo Peep need to be cut larger than all the other blocks.  I had all those star blocks cut out and did want to waste the fabric or the time.  Which resulted in the spacers between each block.  Perhaps it was serendipity, I like how the stars sort of float.

It’s still a UFO, but I’m one step closer to finished.


Incredibly Talented

2 10 2009

A friend posted the link to this video on Facebook.  I’ve watched it several times this morning.  These two guys are incredibly talented — yes two — the singer and the producer.

If you liked that here is another one put together by these two.

Christmas has come and gone …(almost)

25 12 2007

We celebrated Christmas last night (Christmas Eve) which has been the tradition in both my family and my husband’s family our whole lives.  Santa has never been a big part of our celebrations.  He is just a guy that dresses in red, is used for decorative purposes and is a nice story. I won’t tell you what my FIL says about Santa.

When I was a child we always opened presents at my grandparents house.  We always had before opening presents.  My uncle’s (He is 12 years older than I am) birthday is on Christmas so he usually chose the meal.  I think most of the time we had homemade pizza.  Once everyone finally finished eating and things were cleaned up we got to go into the living room (the living & dining room were usually closed off except for special occasions and Sabbath) and open presents.

Based on that background, I make the boys wait until after we eat and it is at least dark outside before opening presents.  I have been accused by my children of continually coming up with more things that have to happen before they can open presents.  Jesse was practically twitching on the 23rd waiting to open presents and tried to talk us into opening them that day.  I finally gave him  a time he could use for countdown  — 5pm.  We had a simple dinner at 4pm and were actually ready to get started at about 4:50 pm.  The cameras were even charged and ready to go.  The boys made out like bandits as usual.  Have I mentioned they are the only grandchildren on either side? My sister and brother-in-law are also very good to them.  Every year Guy says there is too much, but every year he is just as guilty of spoiling them as anyone else.

I was in line behind someone at Sam’s Club at the beginning of the month and the cashier was telling the lady it was much cheaper to buy for boys than for girls.  I almost laughed out loud!  That may be the case when they are little, but when they get older they tend to have a long list of electronic wants.

 img_2001.jpgBoth boys recieved digital cameras and accessories and have spent today running around taking pictures of some very odd things.  They also each received a game for their Nintendo DS, a lego set (Nolan a market street set and Jesse a train set), pajamas, classic game controllers for the Wii, money and small Swiss Army Knives.  Jesse also got Sonic & Mario at the Olympics for the Wii, slippers, a Cutest Kitten Wars book, and Nintendo Monopoly.  Nolan got Fox Trot books, a Gerber Multi-tool, and Stop Motion software. 

Nolan had played with the demo version of the stop motion software, but it put the words demo version through the middle of the screen.  Once he loaded the software today he went back and reprocessed his early video.  He and Jesse can get very creative with this.  Here is one of their early videos — someday you might be able to say you saw their work here first 😉

It’s too bad the quality is so much worse once something is loaded on YouTube.

We had a nice dinner today with  family and a friend.  It wasn’t a traditional Christmas dinner, but everyone here seemed to be fine with that.  Dinner consisted of Homemade Lasagna, various breads,  salad and Apple berry crisp and Ice Cream for dessert.

I have to admit I have a feeling of let down every year once Christmas is over.  I have fun getting ready for it and once it is over, just the clean up remains.  However, I do have something to look forward to tomorrow.  Ruth’s Stitchery one of my favorite quilt shops is having her after Christmas sale tomorrow!  She always had hundreds of bolts of fabric (usually anything over a year old) in the back room for 40% off and 50% if you finish the bolt.  Plus many other things on sale.  This is when I buy my backings, but I will be there when the doors open tomorrow with my color wheel and 3 in 1 color tool in hand looking for fabric for my next color class project.