The Power of Suggestion

15 12 2016

Working in a quilt shop, especially when your job is to check-in new merchandise can be a costly endeavor. Things you were sure held no interest for you may suddenly have appeal when they pass through your hands.

I lost interest in cross stitch years ago, in fact I think there are still a couple unfinished projects from the 80s somewhere in the house. But when a pattern for Snow Country Sled ornaments from Foxwood Crossings passed through my hands, I “needed” to do cross stitch again!

So last year at Thanksgiving the pattern and perforated paper made the trip with me to Oregon, and I did manage to stitch out the designs for three sleds. I didn’t get around to actually finishing the project until yesterday, when I glued the designs to the top of the sleds. This will need to qualify as my handmade ornaments for this year. (I try to do at least one each year.)


I think my interest in cross stitch has once again waned  — until something else exciting passes through my hands.



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15 12 2016
Sandra Chinn

Thanks for sharing! It’s always fun.

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