Polka Dot Pinwheel Quilt — Free Pattern

3 04 2014

I’m thinking Spring, although the several inches of snow today would make the season questionable.  I love polka dots and wanted to do something with a few of them.  Polka dots are a happy print, and  pinwheels are a happy block.  So I combined the two and added an alternate fabric to come up with this baby quilt.  I finished the binding this morning.


Once again I had a piece of fabric that was almost big enough for the back.  So I pieced scraps from the front to get it wide enough.  I don’t try to space my pieced strips evenly.  I just pick a spot and slice the large piece of fabric.  I added the squares and it still wasn’t quite wide enough (because there was a hole I had to cut around in the striped fabric), so then I really was down to the last of the fabric and just put together anything I could.

polka-Dot-Pinwheel-backThis will hang at the store and many quilters could figure out how to make it with out a pattern.  However, I did write directions and the hard copy will be free at Ruth’s Stitchery with a fabric purchase.  But because you are special, you can download it here by clicking on the title!

Polka Dot Pinwheels





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3 04 2014

A bit of whimsy this time of year is most welcome! Really cute!

30 09 2014
Rhonda Aquino

Love the Polka Dot Pinwheel Quilt could you email the pattern.

5 09 2015

I don’t manage to check my blog often, so I am way late in seeing your request. However, is a link at the end of that post for an immediate download of the pattern https://atbquilting.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/polka-dot-pinwheels.pdf

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