Vintage Friday — Singer 128

28 03 2014

On the same antiquing trip where we found the pinking machine, we picked up another sewing machine.

Sitting under a table we spotted this bentwood case.

Singer-128-in-caseI was hoping it was a hand crank machine!  The case was locked so we had to see the clerk for the key and then it was a bit of a job to get it unlocked and the case open.


Turns out it is a Singer 128, sadly not hand crank.  I don’t usually buy vintage electric machines, but this one was in pretty good shape.  And the deal was sealed when we tipped the lid up and Guy spotted an oil can in the holder.  (If you’ve been tolerating me long enough you know he likes to collect the oil cans.)


It’s in the upper right corner of this photo.  The knee lever to run the machine was also in the case (no foot pedal).  The price was right so it has a new home.

At some point Guy will replace the wiring.  It turns out the serial number was pulled in December 1924, so while not technically an antique, it is not too far from it.





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28 03 2014

I used to own one of these. We moved to Ireland for a seven year adventure and my sister sold it. I had a more modern machine but when you needed to do heavy duty sewing ( like repairing a canvas tent) this machine left the newer ones in the dust. It’s nice to see one like it again. Thank you.

29 03 2014
becky ezra

i have one as well at home!!!
it costed me 30 euro.
here you can find a lot of them in good condition for not that expensive.
i love it, now i am struggling to find the way where to put it on display.
enjoy dear!!
becky ezra

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