My Very Own Transformer

13 03 2014

My boys have outgrown their transformer toys, and it has been awhile since I saw one of the movies.  But I’m here to tell you, I now have my very own “transformer.”

Looks like it could be a purse . . .


but open up one side and you can see it holds an iron.


Open it all the way and you have a portable ironing surface.  When you are finished tuck the iron back in (while it is still hot, because that is heat-resistant fabric) fold the bag up and you are ready to go.


The Caddy Pad pattern is from Sisters Common Thread and includes the heat-resistant fabric for one pad.  If you are a local reader, the pattern is available at Ruth’s Stitchery.






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13 03 2014

What a smart idea this is. Thanks for sharing.

13 03 2014
Sandra Chinn


13 03 2014
Sandy Crosby

Sonya, I have made this caddy too and love it. One of my friends turned it into a lunch tote by using vinyl instead of the heat resistant fabric and it works like a table cloth for her lunch. She also transformed it into a diaper changing station using baby themed fabrics and again vinyl!! So many possibilities!!

Sandy Crosby

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