19 07 2013

I came home last Friday with the Little Bites Pattern “Morsel” from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. and one Wintergreen mini charm pack (2-1/2″ precuts) from Moda.  Then I had a ball.  I wanted to see how many of the pincushions I could make using that one mini charm pack.  The pattern said you could probably get two, but not all.  I got five!  Now realize that you do need a little background fabric and some other fabric for the backing.  I also use a couple of other scraps.  My background fabric for many of them was the primitive muslin scraps from the Postcard Cuties quilt top.


The pattern said that adding a thin layer of batting and quilting the tops was optional, but I chose to do it to all five.  Washing before final assembly was also optional, but I did it to all but the one second from the right.  The rectangular and round pincushions are all backed with velveteen.  They are also all at least partially filled with crushed walnut shells — told you I was going to use those again.

Let me show you  close-ups of a couple of the rectangular cushions.


The pattern talked about using rubber stamps to get words on the fabric but I didn’t have any.  Now one could certainly embroider words, but I wanted it to look like it was part of the fabric.  I found a font I liked on the computer and used my Silhouette cutter to cut it from freezer paper.  (If you don’t have a cutter, you could print onto freezer paper and cut the letters out using an Exacto knife.)  After cutting the template, I ironed it to the fabric, then I used a Fabrico pen to fill in the letters.  Tsukineko ink, acrylic paint or other mediums could also be used.


I loved the printed twill shown in the pattern and thought I was going to have to mail order it.  I did find printed twill at the scrapbook store two stores down from Ruth’s, but she didn’t have the ruler on rolls.  I was buying some other printed twills and she remembered she had samples in the back.  She cut off the sample for me and it was just a little more than I needed for this cushion.  We have ordered some of this for the store — Yeah!

I thought the pattern was well done.  You really do need to take the time to read it.  I’m thinking of offering this as a class closer to Christmas for making quick gifts for sewing friends.

A quick note on my prop — the vintage typewriter in the background belonged to my grandfather.  I told my mom if she wasn’t going to display it, I’d like to have it and she brought it out to me when they came in March.




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19 07 2013

Darling! Will have to look into this myself (I’m sure I need more stuff to do…. 😉 )

11 07 2015
Linda Christianson

What a very cute idea to show case buttons from the past. Love the tape too.

5 09 2015

Thank you Linda, the tape is now available at Ruth’s Stitchery, but it is also available from

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