18 07 2013

GoldfinchThis post catches me up to current information from my various projects!  The panel for this month in Audubon’s Christmas was the goldfinch.  At class 2/3 of those that showed up were already pretty much finished with it, so we spent much of the class period hunting fabrics for the Quail panel.

If you’ve looked at the Kathy McNeil’s Audubon’s Christmas quilt, you may notice by goldfinches are much brighter than hers.  I once again did an image search on Google and found the birds I wanted to emulate.  I’m not a birdwatcher, but I do know males of many bird species are more flashy than the females.  I was talking to my friend and coworker Beth and she told me the colors on the goldfinch also become duller during the winter.  I had no idea!  So I have two male goldfinches on my block who are either lost or their color hasn’t changed.  I wanted the brighter birds because the largest block of cardinals is going to be bright and I wanted the flash of color in other places as well.

As you may have deduced, I did finish this block in one month. The remainder of the year will be used to finish the last two panels.

I have no idea what type of plant the birds are supposed to be perched upon.  However, I knew what color I wanted for the pods and couldn’t find it.  To achieve the effect shown here I started with a mottled batik that was more orange than anything else, and then painted over it with several different colors of Tsukineko ink until I arrived at a color with which I was pleased.

After all the applique was finished, I came back with two strands of very light tan floss and added lazy daisy stitches.  Then I used two strands of gold floss and put two wrap french knots inside the lazy daisies.

When I looked at images of the birds, a large percentage of the body was a solid bright yellow.  I added some single strand straight stitches with floss to hint at some shading.

It helps to look at fabric a little differently when doing these small pieces.  The tail feathers on both birds are a black and white dragonfly print.  I was able to strategically place the fabric so the heads of the dragonflies were covered with leaves.

Here’s a close up of one section of the block.


And yes, I have started on the next panel — gotta keep up!




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18 07 2013
Sandra Chinn

Beautiful and fun at the same time. Looking for “The Rest of the Story”.

21 07 2013

We have a lot of goldfinches here in WA and they are even brighter than yours. So yours are perfect!

29 12 2013

LOVE your applique work and the goldfinch colors are great! I’m looking to find a used pattern set for this Audubon Cmas quilt. Are you interested or do you know anyone who has finished and would sell their pattern set? Thanks!

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