Still Crazy

28 06 2013

This post just demonstrates I’m a slow learner!  Had I taken a minute to look beyond the picture on this pattern, I probably wouldn’t have chosen it for a one month project.  But once again I had already announced this was what we would be doing before I started working on it.

This project is made from the Hummingbirds pattern by DesignAndBeMary.  There are a couple of ways I can think of to describe the process used in this table topper.  One is folding and cutting snowflakes and the other is Hawaiian applique.

hummingbirdThere isn’t wool felt a delicate enough color for what I wanted for the flowers.  So I used white and painted the pieces using Neocolor II crayons.  To do this, I got the piece of fabric very wet then used a wet paint brush to transfer the color from the crayons.


There was loads of stitching in this design, but what really convinced me I need to slow down when making selections was the beading.  I literally spend one whole day sewing beads onto the background.







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