Camouflage Netting as a By Product

27 06 2013

I spent April and May on the Chickadee panel for Audubon’s Christmas.  My plan was to demonstrate starch and press applique on this block.  I did one bird and started to show my class, but everyone was already familiar with the method.  So happily, I could go back to my back basting.   I get better results with back basting, but that is a personal preference!  This is as finished as this panel is going to get until I quilt it.  The chickadees in the pattern appeared to be mostly black and white, but when I did a Google search for images I found there was a lot of gray and tan as well.


There are supposed to be loads of little berries on this block.  I decided I didn’t want to turn all those little circles so I’m going to add bead berries after the quilt is finished.  I even have them waiting for that point in time.


The design also has a large birdhouse added during the quilting process.  So in May, I demonstrated machine shadow trapunto.  Here’s the whole bird house, but I won’t use this much color when I put it on the quilt and there will be quilting around the design.


Still with me?  Are you wondering if I’ve finally lost it based on my title?  The leaves for this block and the next were all fussy cut from a leaf print.  And, yes, it does appear I may have created camouflage netting. 😉





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27 06 2013

The bead berries are perfect! Love your camo netting.

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