Open Mouth, Insert Foot

18 06 2013

Looking at the number of post here this year, one could assume I’ve been sitting around eating Bonbons and reading books.  Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) that has not been the case.  I’ve been scrambling on several projects and haven’t had the time to sit down and write.

After Quilt Market those that went from our store bring back piles of brochures and flyers.  This was the case after Fall Market, and as I was leafing through all those papers I came across a small picture of Audubon’s Christmas by Kathy McNeil and the note that the pattern was going to be published in November.  This is where I opened my mouth without much thought and said, “I want to do this for a block party.”

We published the class information, but didn’t get our hands on the pattern until sometime in December.  When I opened the pattern, I began to question my sanity, but I had a commitment so off I went.

There are 7 panels in the quilt, which means I can allow  two months on 5 of the panels.  Panel number one was the Blue Jay and I planned to do it in January and February because of the pine cones.  I was saving a few details after that for people who said they needed to be caught up, but I finally gave up on them and finished the block this week.


I used back basting for the applique (see tutorial).  There is a new book which was released this month called Back Basting Step-by-Step by Barbara Eikmeier that does a great job covering this technique.

The pine needles and details on the birds were done with hand embroidery.  The shading and highlights on the pine cones as well as some coloring on the birds were done with  Necolor II crayons (available from art supply stores)

IMG_4609 and tsukenko ink. IMG_4610



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