Posts don’t just publish themselves

4 01 2013

Happy New Year all!  There were several posts rolling around in my brain during December and for some reason I thought they had been uploaded.  Sadly WordPress can’t just pull the post out of my brain and put them up here for you to read.  One of the big ones I had planned was the completion of the Northern Wilderness Quilt top.  I was sure I had posted the final PowerPoint presentations until I was talking about the top to a couple of customers today.  I told them there were some corrections to the border and that I had put them on my blog.  Oops — they weren’t there.  They are now.

IMG_4495Just the top will hang at Ruth’s Stitchery for a while.  I haven’t decided exactly how I want to quilt it yet.  You can find all my PowerPoint presentations on the construction of this quilt under the Northern Wilderness tab at the top of the Sonya’s Snippets page.




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