An Autumn Mood

18 11 2012

“An Autumn Mood”

I have a couple more autumn posts I need to get uploaded before Thanksgiving comes and goes.

I recently finished a wool/wool felt table runner called “An Autumn Mood.  The Pattern is from Nutmeg Hare.

For the most part, I used Wool Felt.  However the Owl and main part of the basket is wool.  The pattern had a red and white checked wool piece for the napkin in the apple basket.  I couldn’t find a similar piece.  Now when I said I couldn’t find it, that just means there wasn’t any at the store and I didn’t have any in my stash.  I haven’t had time to run around hunting for things anywhere else.  So my napkin is a plain white piece of wool felt with a blanket stitch around the edge and running stitches in the body of the napkin.

As you can see I actually managed to get some pictures before it went into the store as a sample.

In the wool patterns, I generally disregard color recommendations for floss and perl cotton.  I use what I have on hand that works with the piece.

Detail of “An Autumn Mood”




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18 11 2012

You did a great job on your table pad. It is very very cute.

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