Wool Felt Candle Mats/Penny Rugs – Part 1- Transfer the Pattern

4 11 2012

Because it is unlikely I’ll be traveling around the country in the near future to teach classes, BJ this series is for you and anyone else that can’t make it to a class.

We pick up after purchasing the pattern and materials and prewashing (if desired) as described in this post.  The pattern needs to be transferred to the wool or wool felt.  My favorite method is to use freezer paper.  In short the pattern is traced to the freezer paper, ironed to the fabric and cut out.  Now for the longer version.

Freezer paper (at least in the USA) is readily available in many grocery stores and is stocked with plastic wrap, foil and waxed paper.  Everything is attached to the background so let’s start there.

Many patterns will only have a partial pattern for the background.  It might be a quarter or half of the actual background piece.  I prefer to trace the whole background onto a piece of freezer paper.  This helps to avoid distortion by placing the pattern on the fold of wool or wool felt.

So if the pattern is a partial, start with a piece of freezer paper large enough for the whole background piece.

Trace the first section of the pattern onto the dull side of the freezer paper.

Then turn the freezer paper to continue tracing until the background is complete.

Trace the rest of the pattern pieces onto the dull side of the freezer paper.  Let’s pause and consider options here.  Option 1- trace the quantity of every piece needed.  Option 2 – Trace a few of each piece needed and reuse the freezer paper.

Option 3 — Trace one or two of the pieces needed, then staple additional layers of freezer paper under the traced pattern to get the total pattern pieces needed.

Cut through all layers of freezer paper on the traced line.

Remove the staples.

And voila, multiple pattern pieces.

Whether you chose option 1, 2,

or 3, it is time to iron the shiny side of the freezer paper patterns to the wool or wool felt.  I set my iron for the wool setting and then iron the pieces down.  They need to stick well enough to stay while cutting them out, but not so well it is hard to get the freezer paper off.  A couple of seconds will do the job.

If you chose option 1 or 2, cut out the pieces on the drawn line.  If you chose option 2 you will need to reuse the pattern on more pieces of fabric.  At that point you will cut along the edge of the pattern,

exactly as you would do for option 3.

Whatever option you chose, your final step in this part is to peel off the freezer paper when you are ready to add the piece to the project.




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