Pumpkin Table Topper

31 10 2012

Working in a quilt store with a bunch of enablers can be dangerous! 🙂  One Sunday this summer, a couple of us were looking at the pile of Fall 2011 Quilt Sampler magazines we still had left.  We were discussing what could be made from it that would help move the last of the magazines out the door.  There were lots of pretty quilts, but I didn’t find anything I was interested in making (I had no need of a new project) until the final page.  I opened my big mouth and said — “Oh, I’d make this.”  Before the day was out I had the fabrics selected and had started cutting.  This is another project that went with us to Tennessee so I could do the hand work while we were driving.  (I know Ann it could be done by machine.)  At this stage in my life, I just find the hand work somehow soothing.

Sorry this picture was taken with my phone since the battery was dead on the camera the morning I finished and was taking it into the store.  The applique is wool and the rest is regular cotton fabric.  Not only did I make the sample, but it was decided to kit this.  If you missed this in the magazine and want all the fabric selections made for you, there are kits available right now at  Ruth’s Stitchery.




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