Picking Up Where I Left Off

29 06 2012

I was literally writing my last post when the reverse 911 call came in. For us the reverse 911 process was 66.6% effective.  Guy and I both got the call at exactly the same time.  However, Nolan never got a call on his phone.  To be fair Guy and I registered our phones months or even more than a year ago and we just registered Nolan’s phone on Sunday.  I hope it was just a fluke, since the news is regularly running notices this week for people to sign up for reverse 911.

The call didn’t say how long we had to evacuate and when police appeared in the neighborhood in short order, they didn’t stop to say anything to us.  Probably because the cars where backed into the driveway and there was obvious packing in progress.  We never heard how long we had to get out, but we were gone within an hour.  I’d packed one car with pictures and quilts to cover them on Saturday when Guy was taking it out to pick up a patrol car to help with the evacuation process.  On Tuesday night I also took my quilting machine heads, my Bernina, customer quilts and my laptop.  I’d been carrying the documents we wanted since Saturday.  One of my quilting friends had called on Saturday to offer her house as a haven and I took her up on it.  Ann and her family were the best of hosts!  We did get calls from several other people, most on Tuesday afternoon and evening offering a place to stay.  We appreciated it.  I have to say we never felt terribly stressed, our house was insured and most things could be replaced.

We spent two nights with Ann and her family and last night at 8pm we were allowed back into our neighborhood.    Everything here is exactly as we left it.  However, at the same time we were being allowed back in, there was a meeting going on for people living on 35 streets where 346 homes were destroyed Tuesday (that number could go up).  In the news this morning they also said the remains of one person was found one of the destroyed houses.  It seems to be a senseless loss of life.  That area was under mandatory evacuation since Saturday afternoon.  It would appear someone stayed to be with their stuff.  Had it just been a difficulty getting out, there was ample opportunity in the days before the fire swept down to get help being transported out.  It is sad that someone’s choice had such a devastating end.  I can’t understand a choice to stay with stuff.  When I couldn’t go directly to sleep on Tuesday night (actually Wednesday early morning) I posted the following thoughts on Facebook:

“As I was going through the house pulling things to take with us, I was reminded of Lot’s wife in Genesis, was there really anything worth turning back for? Thankfully we weren’t in as big a hurry as Lot and his family and we will still probably have a home to go back to. (I admit I’m comfortable with my stuff, but it is just stuff.) The last few days have put “things” in perspective. As Solomon said it is all meaningless. I have my family and that really is what is important. We are appreciative of all the offers for a place to stay. Huge thanks to Anne and family where we are staying. It will be interesting to see what the next days bring.”

The fire isn’t even close to over.  There is still a huge area under mandatory evacuation (during the time we were evacuated there were over 32,000 evacuated).  There are over 1000 firefighters working the line.  Yesterday the estimate was that the fire was 10% contained.  This area is known for its unpredictable winds, so things can change at any time.  We also have regular thunderstorms  during the summer, lightening could just add to the problems.  They are saying a storm in another area is what caused the fire to go crazy on Tuesday.  We have had slightly cooler weather and higher humidity the last two days which has helped with the fight.  It will still be a day-to-day fight.



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29 06 2012

Prayers have been answered, you were on my mind, and also a number of other people were praying

29 06 2012

Your personal account is most interesting…answers for questions we did/might have asked. Many here were praying for ALL concerned. Thanks for sharing!

30 06 2012
Andrea Smith

God Bless you and your family and the hundreds who were spared their lives. I have been praying that all would be well. I really liked the reference to Lot and his wife. So many lose sight of what is truly important in life. I hope you will continue to send us your wonderful snippets for as long as possible. Many prayers, Andrea

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