Waldo Canyon Fire — Colorado Springs

26 06 2012

I don’t usually post about local happenings, but I have some friends and family that follow my blog, but aren’t on Facebook.

Saturday in the early afternoon, we became aware of the Waldo Canyon fire.  This picture was taken from Jesse’s bedroom window that day.

Guy went out and helped with evacuations Saturday night.  By midmorning on Sunday this was the view from Jesse’s window.

Sunday night found Guy out helping to maintain the evacuation lines.  Monday was miserably smokey, but I didn’t get any pictures then.  Today the fire went crazy.

When Guy came home around 4:30 pm, this was the view from in front of our house.

By the time he left to come get me at work, evacuations were in progress from neighborhoods 2-3 miles away and the roads were jammed.  By the time I got home, this was the view out Jesse’s window.

And from the back of the house it looked like this

In a short period of time we could see flames from our upstairs windows, so climbed on the roof to get these photos.

This next picture is a little further north headed toward the Air Force Academy.

and towards the west in the direction of Garden of the Gods.

Decided to get off the roof since it was starting to get dark and the wind was blowing.  About half an hour later we crossed the street and climbed a small hill.  The view was surreal.  We were watching house after house go up in flames.  This is the first day any sturctures have been lost and the fire is now literally on the western edge of the City of Colorado Springs.

Gotta go, we just got a mandatory evacuation notice.



6 responses

26 06 2012

I can’t imagine what you are going through, we will keep you and your community in our prayers.I had no idea the fires were that close to you.

26 06 2012

Keeping you in our prayers!

27 06 2012
Becky Ezra

that is devastating! i fully hope you all ok!!

27 06 2012
Andrea Smith

May God be with you and those around you, I’ve visited there, feel so badly for all of you, will be praying.

27 06 2012
Vicki W

Those are amazing photos. I hope your family and home are safe.

27 06 2012

You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. I was in Denver yesterday and saw some of the fires, but they were more remote. Your pictures are SOOOO much like what we went though in San Diego in 2003, and the pictures bring back the chills and fear of that time. Please keep us posted as best you can. Good luck.

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