Trees and Dragonfly

21 06 2012

Today, I talked about the Trees and Dragonfly blocks for the Northern Wilderness Block Party.

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation Northern Wilderness Trees.  If you have been following along block by block, the trees are the last block for the second column.  Put it together and half the quilt center is finished.


For the dragonfly I wanted to make the wings iridescent like they are in real life.  So I gave Angelina Fibers a try.  This is a first for me and there may be a better way to apply it, but what I did worked.  I wasn’t sure I liked it after adding the fibers so I add some thread play.  I still may add more stitching.  The jury is still out on whether this really fits in with the rest of the quilt.  If I decide not to use it in the quilt, it will become a small wall hanging, and I’ll make a new block.  The PowerPoint presentation can be found here Northern Wilderness Dragonfly




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