15 03 2012

The Salmon block was the one I chose to do for March.  I got online and searched pictures of salmon to choose the fabrics.  I believe, based on the coloring my salmon should be spawning.  I’m certainly no expert, it has been awhile since I’ve been to a fish hatchery and I don’t eat them, so not much of an opportunity to see them.  I think I may eventually add some eyes.

I am still posting everything for this quilt on my Northern Wilderness page.  But people that have signed up for email notification, don’t get anything when I just update and don’t create a new post. I do like having everything for the quilt on one page.  The Powerpoint presentation I did for this block is here Northern Wilderness Salmon.

I also did the sashing this month.   Which means my first column is together and the rest of the sashing is waiting for more blocks.

I think my presentation on the sashing is a little confusing, but here it is for what it is worth Northern Wilderness Sashing.




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