Snowman Fetish

21 01 2012

I told my 15-year-old I had a snowman fetish.  He was disturbed and told me I shouldn’t use that word about snowmen.  However, I pulled the word up in the dictionary and the third definition was “excessive or irrational  devotion to some activity.”  For some “irrational” reason, I’m drawn to snowmen projects. One of the most recent is the quilt “Snowmen A to Zzzz… from Crabapple Hill.  When asked if I would take over a hand embroidery group this year, I knew exactly what project I wanted to do.  Back in September I started working on a sample and block A quickly lead all the way to block Z.  In fact all the blocks were embroidered in about a 2 month period.  Admittedly that was during Soccer season when the boys were taking my car and I would wait at various places.  Which meant I had lots of down time to work on this.  I changed the borders, because after all that work I thought the quilt deserved something more.  It isn’t quilted yet and ended up hanging in the shop before I got good pictures.  Sometime in the future when I’ve quilted it, I’ll post a better picture.

As mentioned this is a block party at work, but I figured I’d post information here as I went along.  You can follow in the Snowmen A to Z tab above if you like.




3 responses

21 01 2012

Very cute!!

22 01 2012

Wondering if the colors here are true. Very nice!

21 12 2013

Wonderful snowman quilt!

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