French Dress — Store Sample

28 11 2011

Working with certain people can be a detriment to the time I have at home.  When the French Dress line of Fabric from Marcus Brothers came in a co-worker held up a bolt of fabric and asked, “Do you want to make a store sample?”  I loved the piece she held up and so responded, “sure.”  Upon closer inspection of the line there were a couple prints that I really liked and also some that I detested.  (No offense to the designer, I’ve since had a customer buy some of the fabric I hated and gush about it.  There’s something for everyone.)

I used the free pattern available here, but did change things around some. (Warning the length wise measurement for the top and bottom border is about 6″ short in the pattern)  I replaced some of the prints from the line with other fabric that is slightly less busy.

I used wool batting and quilted it with a paisley  panto.  Nolan called dibbs on the quilt while I was working on it, so it will be his once it finishes its time in the store.




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