Friendship Garden — Complete

13 10 2011

The end of August, all of September and the first part of October have vanished in a flash.  I know why.  Nolan has been playing soccer after school and Jesse has been managing the team.  They have had a lot of games, and every time there was a game or a Sunday practice they took my car.  (No they don’t get their own car yet.)  At the same time Guy was wrapping up the end of the government fiscal year in his contracts job.  (I remember the feeling well.)  All of this meant I was without normal transportation,  and Guy didn’t want to wait around to go to work.  Which meant he dropped me off as early as he possibly could  no matter what time I started work.  This severely limited my time at home and thus time to post here.  I did manage to do a fair amount of handwork during  this period.

Sometime amid this frantic paced life, I finished my Friendship Garden quilt.  The whole quilt from start to finished has been discussed here at some point.

I get to mark another off my list.

 — Only one more game until soccer season is finished, and my life can get back to whatever qualifies as normal.




2 responses

13 10 2011

You have accomplished more than I have. There are UFO’s everywhere in my sewing room. Hard to have time to work in the Summer when you live on the lake – all kinds of company. Now that its Fall I am ready to get back at it.
The quilt is beautiful, I was trying to see how you quilted the blocks. The border is terrific. Thanks for the inspiration.

13 10 2011

Fun to see what you did with the hand work! Very nice!

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