More than Seven Years in the Works

24 08 2011

That title is just slightly misleading.  My sister gave me forty black and white fat quarters for my 40th birthday.  That was only the beginning.  For a while I picked up any new black and white print I saw.  In the mean time I was watching for a pattern in which I would use these fabrics.  A few years ago I found the perfect design — Mod Quads from Blue Underground Studios.  Still the fabric languished, waiting for me to get around to it.  Its time finally came when I started planning for my June trip to the mountains.  I piled all that fabric on my cutting table and would just cut a few quarter blocks at a time.  I finished the cutting, and stitching the blocks together was my big project at our retreat.  I took the prize for queen of chain piecing.

I had all the fabric for the top when I started.  I bought a yard of all those bright solid colors when a quilt shop went out of business here a few years ago.  it only took a one inch strip of each.  I’m pretty sure there are at least 80 different fabrics in this quilt.  The quilt is more than twice as big as the one on the pattern.  I’m hoping it will be a college quilt, and for once I’m ahead of the game by about 2 years.  Because one of the boys will eventually get this quilt, we took a vote for the quilting design.  It is quilted with Square Spiral by Keryn Emmerson and I used YLI variegated black and white thread.

Because I was in the middle of this quilt when asked about teaching classes, it is another project I am offering as beginner friendly.  I’ve been hauling it all over with me to get the binding stitched down and now it can go to the shop on Friday to hang as a class sample!

PS — I know I’ve deviated from my regular posts and it will probably be next week at least before I get back to it.  I’ve had a more than hectic week!




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24 08 2011
Kathy E.

LOVE that quilt! The color accents add so much interest to it! Great work, even if it was one of those “protracted” projects…. that is what my mom calls anything that takes a lot longer than we had planned.

27 08 2011

I love it and it is absolutely perfect for a college quilt.

9 10 2011

Oh! I recognize some of those black and whites. Everywhere we went, Sheila was searching for a new one. It was fun helping her look. And now, you’ve turned it into such an interesting and eye-catching quilt. Well done!

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