Mayfly Buddies

17 08 2011

I finished up another store sample and it is already hanging in the store for all to see.  The purpose of this one was to showcase the Mayfly Buddies fabric line by Clothworks. 

I used a free pattern from the fabric manufacturer which can be found here.  I changed out some fabrics, because the quilt was a little too busy for my tastes.  There are a couple of what I consider errors on the pattern.  It calls for twice as much of the olive tonal print as is needed, and the directions say to cross cut and piece the outside border, yet the fabric amount given is enough to cut the borders lengthwise and skip the piecing.  Also all the pieced blocks finish with bias edges on all the sides, so beware of stretching if you decide to make this pattern.

I quilted the quilt with a panto called “Lotsa Ladybugs” from Heart & Soul Quilts — there are “ladybugs” in some of the fabrics.  However, I did replace random ladybugs with letters to pull in the alphabet theme of the quilt.  To do that I chose a font I liked and typed the alphabet into Mircosoft Word.  Then I adjusted the font size so the letters were similar in size to the ladybugs.  I chose the outline option for the font and printed.  I then just traced the letters on the plastic panto cover on my machine over the appropriate ladybug with a wet erase marker.  I managed to get the whole alphabet in the quilting.

In this picture you can see the “N” quilted.

The art in this fabric line doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I was pretty sure Guy would like it.  I was correct.




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