Pick of the Week — “Quilting at the Village”

15 08 2011

My pick this week is a book. I was thumbing through the multitude of books available at the store looking for Teddy Bears for a customer. I didn’t find the bears, but I did stumble upon a relatively new book by Pearl Louise Krush. The title is Quilting at the Village.


I had the opportunity to visit Thimble Cottage in South Dakota when we were there in 2008.  (If you ever make the trip to Mount Rushmore it is worth a trip into Rapid City to visit this shop.  Hours and location can be found on their website.)

A section of the book is devoted to each area of the quilt shop and there is at least one project for each area. Take a look at the table of contents.


I especially loved the projects in chapters 8 and 9.  I believe I’ve admitted to being a snowman enthusiast before.  The only draw back for me, is the photo shoot did happen in the quilt shop and there are lots of projects in the pictures that aren’t in the book.  Oh well, more patterns to buy.




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