Vintage Friday — Sunbonnet Sue

12 08 2011

Among items that came from Guy’s ancestors is a box of Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  I’m not sure who made them, his grandmother or someone further back.

Upon close examination of the blocks, I noticed that all the applique was done with white thread.  So much more frugal than today when I try to match the thread to the piece being appliqued.  And even with the white thread on the darker fabrics the stitches aren’t readily apparent.

In addition to the finished blocks there are at least 13 more cut out and ready to go.

Some are even basted in preparation for applique.

Which means, I know how to proceed when I someday decide to make this project mine and finish it.




2 responses

12 08 2011

Looks like you have some feed sack fabrics there. Nice find!

12 08 2011
Geri Hendrick

I love these. I have some pattern for applique and don”t know how to begin to make them. I will have to pick your brain some day. Geri

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