Pick of the Week — The Gypsy Cutting Gizmo

8 08 2011

I worked today, and when I wasn’t busy with customers, I spent time putting inventory away as it was checked in.

The Gypsy Cutting Gizmo was a new product to the store (and to me).


It is a device to sit next to the sewing machine when one is chain piecing blocks. It is a quick way to cut the connecting threads between the blocks.

With a large school bill looming later this week (1st month’s tuition and registration fees) it didn’t come home with me — yet. I can see the benefit for someone who does a lot of chain piecing. Especially if a person had trouble with their hands.

(Sorry for the glare — the picture was taken under flourescent lights with my phone.  Also the frame is not part of the product, I was playing with the Camera+ App on the phone.)




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9 08 2011

I do something something similar, for ‘cheap’. 🙂 As I am ironing my chained pieces, I hit each seam w/ the iron first (to set the stitches). Then, I have taped down to the end of my ironing board, one of those $1.50 stitch rippers. I just run the joining threads across it: “pop, pop, pop” … quick as a wink the whole chain as separate units. Then, I just plop the pieces to whatever direction I need to iron (dark side up, generally), so I can just fold, press, and move the piece. Easy peasy lemon-squeezy!

9 08 2011
Janice Parker

This works so well. It is even safe enough that my 5 yr old grandson uses it to cut all of my chain piecing apart. I love it.

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