Vintage Friday — Bone/Steel Crochet Hooks

29 07 2011

Today’s show and tell is a group of bone and steel crochet hooks.  They belonged to my Grandma Minnie.  She died 30 years ago this month and these crochet hooks were in a box of hooks I inherited.

I don’t know whether my grandmother was the original owner of these hooks or if she inherited them from someone else.  The Boye steel crochet hooks haven’t changed much from those that are still available today.  There are two steel hooks that don’t have the Boye name.  One only has the size and the one on the far right has the size on one side and a cross hatched diamond on the other side.

I wasn’t sure whether the cream-colored hooks were ivory or bone, but I did some research this week and upon close inspection the hooks have a parallel grain line which is indicative of bone pieces.

I honestly havn’te used these tiny hooks, except to pull obvious loose threads from between the layers of a quilt.




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7 08 2011
Margie Mcreynolds

I have two of these bone crochet hooks that belonged to my grandmother, they are approx 70 years old. I use them to pick up stitches when I am knitting socks. Much easier than a regular hook or a knitting needle.

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